Sample Deck ~ Dodge Deck ~

Don Of VenoaSummary: In this first blog entry, I will talk about “Dodge Deck” and how to play against it. The source of this article is from EOJ Tsuushin.

Key for this kind of deck is to have your opponent consume his/her mana. If you can dodge opponent’s physical attack that means your opponent has simply wasted his mana. In order for you opponent to be able to damage your creature for 100%, they need to use magic attack; however, generally speaking magic attack creatures are not mana efficient. (1 damage for 1 mana, need to reactivate three times to kill, 3 health dodge creature). Using this kind of deck, you are trying to win the game slowly. This kind of deck is particularly strong against for people who is using mostly physical attack creatures. Aside from what’s mentioned above, I consider what is great about dodge creatures are that many people decided not to attack your creature from the fear of wasting there mana in case it won’t hit. So most of time, your creatures will survive longer than average creatures with the same summoning cost.

“How to use this deck”
1. Be sure to place your creatures on the corresponding element field to gain field bonus. Many creatures require such to have dodge attempt, but in addition it will give 2 bonus health point and generally speaking dodge creatures have very little health unless you gain these bonus.

2. Ideally, have your opponent keep attacking your dodge creatures. It’s not important whether your creature survives or not, but what’s important is how many times your creature has been attacked.

3. Ideal situation with deck is to check before your opponent checks, and forces your opponent to be under the situation where he/she has to rely on the 50:50 chance of whether being able to kill your creature or not.

“How to Construct this deck”
1. Obviously, include creatures with dodge attempt.

2. Lattoo and Don of Venoa will be your big guns since these creatures can give dodge attempt to other creatures.

Note: Dodge attempt is additive. This means if your creature has 2 dodge attempt, it has two times coin toss chance to dodge the opponent’s physical attack. Mathmatically speaking, 50×50 = 25% of chance your opponent can get you i.e. 75% time you can dodge opponent’s attack.

3. Most creatures with dodge attempt are relatively mana expensive and have rather poor attack power. So including creatures to cover this would be important.

“How to play against this deck”

As stated above, most of dodge creatures have relatively low health point; therefore, require field advantage. So key is to take this field advantage away. Fissure of Goglie and Bheamoth would be nice creatures to have against dodge deck.

If you have to do physical attack, you don’t want to wait until check and rely on the 50% chance of losing the game, so start attacking early. When you attempt physical attack, key is to attack with creature where you can kill dodge creature with one hit. This way you are relying on 50% risk, but if you are requiring to hit multiple times, you are increasing your risk of missing the attack.

Sample Dodge Deck (from EOJ Tsuushin):

No. Card name # of cards
1 Flame Magus 3
4 Partmole Flame Lizard 2
6 Great Minos of Sciondar 2
19 Monk Elder of Okunada 1
21 Tritonian Harpoonsman 2
22 Aluhja Priestess 3
25 Cloud Runner 2
30 Don of Venoa 1
32 Mercenary Savior Latoo 1
38 Verzar Foot Soldier 3
59 Elven Berserker Maiden 2
63 Juno Tree Haunt 2
78 Biolith Ninja 1
91 Parmetic Holy Feast 1
92 Goghlie Altar 1
93 Summoner Mesmer’s Lapse 1
94 Beguiling Fog 1
97 Healing Shower 2

Source: EOJ Connection (In Japanese)


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