EOJ Set 2 info ~ Interview with Takara Tommy~

Summary: In this blog entry, I have translated key information from Gamespot Japan 2/19/2008 article “What will happen to the set 2? Interview with Takara Tommy”. Note there will be no new specific card information in this entry.

Background: Takara Tommy is the one and only company responsible for distributing Eye of Judgment cards in Japan. Despite we have been saying that cards are scarse in U.S., it is even worse in Japan. Secondary to this, there has been a numerous rumors that EOJ production might be terminated.

In this interview, Mr. Kamishima (from Takara Tommy) stated on average 12 booster packs per EOJ software were sold in Japan. Since in Japan one booster box contains 12 packs, this means everyone who have purchased EOJ software has purchased an booster box on average. According to Mr. Kamishima, he has never seen such high attachment rate in any of previously released TCG before, and this has caused the lack of cards in the stores.

Mr. Kamishima states that with set 2 release, they are going to expand the card distribution (both production and number of stores that will carry the cards). He also reports they will continue to sell set 1 cards even after the set 2 release. So there it goes not only the rumor has been debunked, but official person from the distributing company reports they will expand the sales for the EOJ. Upon the question from Gamespot, Mr. Kamishima replied that they are currently discussing with Sony for off-line EOJ tournament/event. Unlike other TCG, EOJ will require many TV and PS3 for the event but they are looking into this now. Based on the way he replied in the article, I would say there is very high chance that we will see some sort of off-line EOJ tournament in Japan.

Given that as a distributior Mr. Kawashima has already seen all 100 cards in the upcoming set, he reported couple interesting things during the interview.

1. Just like we have already seen from the 7 cards revealed from set 2, there will be many cards in the set 2 that can make some of the strongest set 1 cards less so. He even stated “Most of effective and strong decks in set 1 are not adoptable to set 2”

2. He also reports the adavantage of going first will be resolved in the set 2.

3. Finally, he states the set 1 contained many basic cards, but in the set 2 there will be many new interesting abilities, and stunning gimmicks.

Analysis: The particular statement that I was interested in was the statement #2. Basically there are two disadvantages of going second. One is mana disadvantage. When first user pass his turn, he essentialy will have 4 mana to start with. Second is the card disadvantage. Some may think that it would be nice that second person gets 6 cards in his hand to start with, but this really is not much of advantage considering the user going first can simply pass his first turn and ends up getting the same number of cards in his hands with 4 mana. So if the games goes on to the point where both players are about to run out of his/her cards, then player 2 is likely to ran out his card first because of the extra draw that he started out with.

Knowing these two disadvantages of being player 2, I belive there are couple different ways of making going first or second fair deal. One way would be giving the mana advantage on player 2. For example, player 2 can start with 3mana rather than 2. As for card disadvantage goes, the major issue with set 1 was the fact that once you draw a card there was no way to return the card back to library. However, as we have already seen on the set 2, there will be cards that you can revive from graveyard and put back into your hand or to the library. So if there are several different ways of restoring the library, the second disadvantage point would completely goes away.

I remember reading from previous article in the Gamespot Japan that currently EOJ developers are not thinking about changing the mana scheme. Also, Mr. Kamishima is a card distribution company employee so he should not know software side change at this point yet. Therefore, his statements should be based on the actual physical cards that he has seen.

Given these facts, I believe the reason for him saying the player 2 would get less disadvantage is because of the library restocking capabilities in the set 2. It would be cool to see opposite of Mesmer’s Errand i.e. take two cards back into the library from graveyard.

Source: Game Spot Japan (In Japanese)


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