Sample Deck ~Champion’s Deck~

Summary: There was the first official EOJ tournament hosted by Gamespot Japan last month. In this blog entry, I will show you the tournament champion’s deck, and analyze it briefly.

The Gamespot Japan hosted tournament last month, however, it was a rather unique style of tournament.  Each competitors submitted his/her deck via Email to the Gamespot Japan, and actual game play was performed by Playstation 3’s AI in CPU vs. CPU mode. So this was more of a deck creation tournament than actual true match based tournament. Nonetheless, at present this is the only SCE approved EOJ tournament held worldwide so far. The winner of this tournament was Kageto; therefore, I will appropriately call this deck Kageto’s deck.

Kageto’s Deck (from Gamespot Japan)

No Name Element Mana #
001 Flame Magus
1 C 2
004 Partmole Flame Lizard
Fire 3 C 2
006 Great Minos of Sciondar Fire
3 R 1
007 Flame Ascetic
Fire 3 C 2
014 Didi the Enlightened Fire 3 UR 1
021 Tritonian Harpoonsman
2 C 2
022 Aluhja Priestess
Water 2 C 2
033 Siam, Traitor of the Seas
Water 3 UR 1
040 Skeleton Soldier
2 C 2
043 Novogus Catapult
3 U 2
056 Green Lycanthrope
Wood 1 C 2
057 Bewitching Elf Archeress
Wood 1 C 2
059 Elven Berserker Maiden
Wood 2 C 2
063 Juno Tree Haunt
Wood 3 R 1
066 Eleven Death Dancer
Wood 5 R 2
073 Biolith Bomber
3 C 2
098 Fissure of Goghlie
Spell 2 C 2


If we were to categorize this deck, this kind of deck is considered as what is called “balanced deck.” What it means is basically the deck contains several different elements and no primary focus on the element nor concept. It is not only for starter, but for most of us when it comes to actual winning rate, I would say balanced deck can give us one of the best result. This will for surely change with the greatly anticipated Set.2 release, but until then if you have no clue where to start try balanced deck.

As you can see this deck appears to take characteristic creatures from each element. Fire creatures are particularly known for their attacking power. And indeed Flame Lizard, Flame Ascetic, and Didi are chosen from this element for this reason.

Water creatures are well known for its dodge abilities. This deck includes Alhuja Priestess and Harpoonsman. Siam is another great creature with strong attack power.

Earth creatures are well known for it’s mana regeneration ability. Both skeleton soldier and Novogus catapalt are essentially mana neutral when they are destroyed.

Wood creatures are known for its special abilities. Green Lycanthrope is 1 mana creature, therefore, mana neutral when it is destroyed; however, at half of time it can turn into strong 2 attacking power creature with 4 health. Berserker maiden is one of the best creature among wood creatures. When you place her on the wood field, she will have 5 health point, which makes her difficult to destroy. But true power comes with placing her onto the earth field.  When her health is down to 1, she will have dodge attempt and attacking power of 3!!

Not only this deck is a great example of balanced deck, but it is also categorized as “speed (winnie) deck.”  No super big guns in this type deck and the deck is built very mana efficiently, which means the way you use this deck is to cast a creature every turn and attack opponent’s creature every turn.  This kind of deck is particularly strong during the early stage of the match.

Biolith creatures are mana expensive, and often mana inefficient.  This deck seems to be very mana efficient, and therefore, Biolith creature naturally does not follow the general theme of this deck.  However, among all the Biolith creatures, I would also choose bomber in this deck since it will have 3 attacking power when the target is 2 or less summoning cost creatures.  Winnie deck needs some firearms to ensure being able to destroy opponent’s creature.

One interesting thing to note here is that this deck consists of only two spells.  This fits very well to the theme of Winnie deck.  Again, the winnie deck is played so that you can cast a creature every turn.  Having too many spells in the winnie deck may result in too many spell cards in the hand and consequently deterring you from achieving this goal.

Among all types of deck that I have discussed so far, and will discuss in the future, for Set.1 I recommend this type of deck for all beginners and also for people who simply wants to improve their winning rate.


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