Set.2 Q&A Summary from SCEA Marketing Manager’s Blog

Summary: Over the last weekend SCEA Marketing manager has posted on his blog a great amount of new info about the Set.2. Even more valuable from the blog were the answers that he made to many questions that people asked on the blog’s comment section. This blog entry is created so that they are a little bit easier to read.

Q) Can Sony host a tournaments?
A) Tournaments are in the works for 08 – I know the team in Japan is not only working on new cards, but new online gameplay elements…

Q) Can anything be done to prevent card printing?
A) I know the team is constantly looking at ways to prevent this, but I think its something that will always be an issue, because people always find a way. Other entertainment mediums, have similar issues (i.e. copied CD’s, bootlegged DVD’s, torrents, etc). I do know that the team constantly tests these copied cards and verified they’re not as stable as real cards, especially in the online environment.

Looking at the big picture, its a bigger issue on our end due to business / sales impact, but from a gamer’s perspective – cards are only a small part of the equation. Once you have cards, you have to know how to put a solid deck together, know how, and when to play them and have a little ‘card draw’ luck on your side. And I figure if you spend enough time playing and mastering those elements, you’ll only settle for quality cards (and support our production team)

Q) Is there any chance the official website will be updated?
A) We’re working on updates now (now that we have Set 2 info) and are working on revamping to be more community oriented…stay tuned

Q) Any word on a single player downloadable campaign add-on for Eye of Judgment?
A) The team is always open to feedback. I know they’re working on ways to add to both online and offline modes.

Q) Any chance you could detail/preview the new Hero cards for us?
A) Indeed, I’m a Tino, Son of Scion kinda player (gotta love getting Mana advantage). As for the tease…hmm…I’m already eyeing the new Wood Hero.

Q) Is there any word on a fix to award a win to a player that had their opponent disconnect on them while the winning player was in check?
A) I’ll have more details next time, but the new ranking system, mentioned above, is designed for that in mind. Two rankings, one for ability and one for sportsmanship. In the end, you’ll be able to determine who the honest players are. Kinda like the feedback system on eBay…

Q) Any plans to support Home with some fancy trophies or items?
A) its always a possibility

Q) Will there be any counter spell in set 2? (a spell that you can cast during your opponent’s turn)
A) ah yes, saying “tap 2 counterspell” back in the days brings backs memories. As for Set 2, I haven’t seen it yet, I would guess no, just based on how MTG and EOJ are different. The new Intercept ability could be viewed as a distant cousin of it, but when the minds of our Japan Studios and WotC brainstorm on new sets, nothing is unimaginable.

Q) Any plans for having a contest were EoJ fans design/submit their ORIGINAL custom creatures for Sony’s approval to they could be included in SET 3/Future updates?
A) There were talks of hiring some famous comic book artists to create limited edition type stuff, and then we looked at doing some design contests but by the time we got to asking they were already on Set 3 with no turning back…maybe down the line – you guys will be the first to know

Q) How many cards will each element get?
A) Fire, Water, Earth & Wood = 16 each / Biolith = 12 / Spells = 20
Leaving 4 for….(mhuahahahah – my evil tease laugh)…stay tuned…

Q) “Leaving 4 for….(mhuahahahah – my evil tease laugh)…stay tuned…” Is it safe to say they are phantom cards?
A) nope…not phantoms…(mhuahahaha x2)

There are some discussion about the possible price of Set.2 downloadable content, but no specific price was given. So not listed here.

Source: THE EYE OF JUDGMENT – Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2) detailed


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  1. […] The source is definitely considered as the weakest evidence.  So under normal circumstances, I would have ignored these kinds of rumor.  However, since there was nothing else better to do  the user who posted this information orignally had previous record of uploading the Set.2 theme deck packages about 1 week prior to that was shown anywhere else including SCE official EOJ forum.  So I have decided to take a bit more attention to this rumor, and share this with the readers of this blog. Some people on the forum speculate this might be an indication for new element,  but there are couple reasons why I don’t think this is the case.  One being that we already know there will be only 4 cards in the Set.2 that are not categorized as any of 5 elements nor as spell.  (See Set.2 Q&A Summary from SCEA Marketing Manager’s Blog) […]


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