Set.2 News ~ There will be 3 new ritual spells ~

Not much else is known at this point yet, but EOJ Connection from 3/7 talked about the change in the master rule.  One of the change in the master rule was the limit of 3 Ritual spells per deck, which was unnessary rule in the past, given the Set.1 only had 3 types of rituals and each had one per deck restriction.  So from this statement, we had already known that there will be new ritual spells in the game with Set.2; however, today it was confirmed that there will be total of 6 ritual spells with Set.2 i.e. 3 additional ones from Set.1.

Ritual spells, also known as mana spells in Japanese, include lapse, feast and altar.

No specifics of the three new rituals were provided yet.  Stay tuned for more details in near future.


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