Taipei Tournament ~Champion’s Deck~

Summary: In this blog entry, I will talk about the champion’s deck from SCE Taiwan tournament that was held in January 2008. The original source of the deck is from EOJ Connection.

In January 2008, there was a Game show in Taipei. During this event, SCE hosted EOJ tournament. Unlike the previous EOJ tournament hosted by Gamespot Japan, this tournament involved actual game play by individual players. Below is the deck from the winner of this tournament.

Taipei Gameshow 2008 Champion’s Deck

Card No. Name Element Race Affiliation Rarity # in deck
1 Flame Magus Fire Human Church of Parmus Common Creature 1
2 Hellfire Spitter Fire Bug None Common Creature 2
4 Partmole Flame Lizard Fire Lizard Dhees Empire Common Creature 1
13 Infernal Sciondar Dragon Fire Dragon Dhees Empire Rare Creature 1
16 Crucible King Dios IV Fire Noble Dhees Empire Ultra-Rare Creature 1
18 Red Cubic Fire Egg Unknown Rare Creature 1
21 Tritonan Harpoonsman Water Merfolk Tritonan Queendom Common Creature 1
22 Aluhja Priestes Water Human Church of Parmus Common Creature 2
27 Venoan Assassin Water Human Corsez Family Common Creature 1
33 Siam, Traitor of the Seas Water Betrayer Siam Pirates Phantom Creature 1
37 Verzar Canine Earth Beast Val na Vos Common Creature 1
38 Verzar Foot Soldier Earth Human Val na Vos Common Creature 2
42 Spider Ninja Earth Human Yaksha Uncommon Creature 1
43 Novogus Catapult Earth Weapon Novogus Dynasty Uncommon Creature 1
56 Green Lycanthrope Wood Anthromorph Til Vorg Monarchy Common Creature 1
57 Bewitching Elf Archeress Wood Elf Northern Forces Common Creature 1
59 Elven Berserker Maiden Wood Elf Black Forest Uncommon Creature 1
66 Elven Death Dancer Wood Elf Black Forest Rare Creature 1
68 Edin the Persecuted Wood Hero Northern Forces Ultra-Rare Creature 1
73 Biolith Bomber Biolith Blitz Biolith Castle Common Creature 1
83 Arc Satellite Cannon Biolith Blitz Biolith Castle Rare Creature 1
91 Parmetic Holy Feast Ritual n/a n/a Uncommon Spells 1
92 Goghlie Altar Ritual n/a n/a Uncommon Spells 1
93 Summoner Mesmer’s Lapse Ritual n/a n/a Uncommon Spells 1
94 Beguiling Fog Conjuration n/a n/a Common Spells 1
96 Clare Wil’s Banner Conjuration n/a n/a Common Spells 1
98 Fissures of Goghlie Conjuration n/a n/a Common Spells 1

Deck Analysis:

This deck contains creatures from all elements in almost equal numbers except the biolith. This type of deck is classified as balanced deck. If you remember the previous blog entry written about Gamespot Japan hosted EOJ tournament, the champion’s deck from the tournament was also classified as balanced deck. In Set.1, given there is limited combo feature (= interaction between allied creatures), it is natural to have balanced deck as one of the most well rounded i.e. the best type of deck. This tournament result confirmed this.

See Gamespot Japan Champion’s Deck


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