EOJ Battle Video ~Asahara vs. EOJ Developer~

Summary: Follow the link to see the videoclips of the recent EOJ match between Asahara and one of EOJ Developer team members. 

Asahara is a one of two main EOJ Connection article writer, who mainly writes about the EOJ game strategy tips like sample deck articles I have previously translated.  He is also a professional Magic The Gathering player with personal highest record of his own being the forth in the world.

The video replay in this article is the match between Asahara and Amamiya, who is one of the EOJ developer team member.  Amamiya’s role in the EOJ development team is a graphic designer.  Asahara (Player 2) used a balanced/winny deck.  The Amamiya (Player 1) used a discard deck.

One interesting side note from the article written about this match was that Amamiya mentioned his most favorite card is the Goddness Tritona.   He also stated that they have added a few more promotional animation clips to the Goddness Tritona in the upcoming Set.2.  So not only that we will be seeing new animation clips for the new Set.2 cards, but apparently we will be seeing new animations for the existing Set.1 cards as well.

Asahara vs. EOJ Team Member 


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  2. Posted by Overdrive on March 11, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    That would be cool if they made it so Hellfire Spitter actually spits at things.


  3. Posted by d co on March 12, 2008 at 12:36 am

    not until they make the ninjas throw shurikens


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