Sample Deck ~Discard Deck~

Summary: In this blog entry, I have posted a sample discard deck that was used by one of EOJ Developer team member in a recent Asahara vs. EOJ Developer Match.

What is discard deck?

It is also known as hand-death deck. Bascially, it is the type of deck that focuses on forcing the opponent to discard their cards; therefore, decreasing their hands. Consequently, taking away the choices that the opponent could otherwise have.

Unfortunately, in the current set (Set.1), forcing to discard opponent’s cards alone will not let you win the game. If you attempt to force discard on the opponent, who has 0 cards in his hand, the computer will simply ignores it i.e. no automatic win like out decking.

This type of deck is somewhat popular in online game; however, at the time of writing this blog entry, discard decks seem to be not categorized as a top competitive deck types but rather B or possibly C rank deck. However, this could well change in the future with the release of additional cards in the Set.2.

Amamiya’s Deck

No. Name # in
1 Flame Magus 3
4 Partmole Flame Lizard 3
20 Tritonan Ice Guard 2
22 Aluhja Priestes 2
50 Arelai the Protector 1
51 Black Hood Dwarf Vulitra 1
55 Leapfrog Bandit 3
57 Bewitching Elf Archeress 3
59 Elven Berserker Maiden 2
64 Elven Rider 2
70 Green Erlking Zomba 1
91 Parmetic Holy Feast 1
92 Goghlie Altar 1
93 Summoner Mesmer’s Lapse 1
97 Healing Shower 1
98 Fissures of Goghlie 2
100 Summoner Mesmer’s Errand 1

 *Bolded are the creatures possesing discard abilities

Comment: Other than mentioning the fact that this deck contains all the discard ability possessing creatures from Set.1 except Samurai Nagirashu.  I am not clear about the reason why this deck did not include Samurai Nagirashu, though.

I will refrain making any furthure comment about this deck. Because I myself had never used this type of deck, if any reader of this blog uses discard deck frequetly and competitively, I am sure other readers will appreciate some tips about how to use this type of deck, how to construct this type of deck etc.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Paydak on March 11, 2008 at 11:43 pm

    I think discard in EOJ is weaker than in other card games because of two reasons. First, because of the one creature per turn rule, there isn’t really a card advantage aspect to this game and all you’re impacting is card selection when you make someone discard. It’s generally going to take at least two discards to have any real effect on your opponent unless he’s playing a lot of cheap spells. Secondly, the discards are chosen instead of random so the card selection aspect is minimized even further. But discard is usually a pretty frustrating game mechanic in other games, so I doubt they’d want to stress this anyway.


  2. Posted by Overdrive on March 11, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    I see what you’re saying Paydak, but I think discard can be pretty crippling if you can overwhelm them with it. The main problem is, you can’t easily control the discards save Leapfrog Bandit. If you could make people discard upon casting, it would be ridiculous.


  3. Posted by houshasen on March 12, 2008 at 12:39 am


    Since I’ve never played any other card games besides EOJ, I can’t speak of other card games. But I sort of see your point.

    Like you said except Vulitra and Elven Rider, other discard creatures are 1 card at a time. Though since the library of EOJ only has 30 cards rather than 60 as in Magic, out decking perhaps occurs more frequently? Especially when you start to draw extra cards from your library to restore your hand.


    I agree that discard upon casting would be a bit harsh on opponent. Though I can see one of 20 new spells in Set.2 could be something to do with discarding especially knowing there will be counter to discarding.


  4. Posted by ImDoneItsOver on March 12, 2008 at 1:29 am

    DisCard decks have a different mentality than Normal decks. The Idea I use with my dis deck is this, your opponent wont want to kill your dis creatures because of 2 things they will replace themselves Mana wise (Leapfrog) and take something from there hand, now that alone wont necessarily scare them but it will force them to think ahead which may be to much for some players. EX. I need to kill something so I’ll drop my magus and kill leapfrog your not just killing frog your killing your hand AND future of the current duel by Discarding your Satty cannon plus allowing your opp 3 mana on there turn.


  5. Posted by houshasen on March 12, 2008 at 7:29 pm


    > not just killing frog your killing your hand AND future of the current duel

    That’s true. Never thought of that way. Maybe I should try making discard deck.


  6. Posted by Naone on March 18, 2008 at 2:32 am

    One of the reasons he probably doesn’t use Samurais i because they need a wood field for their discard ability to work, and since this deck doesn’t have more cards than Arelai and Vulitra to make use of 3 earth fields he doesn’t want them flipped and/or want them free for his Zomba later.


  7. Posted by houshasen on March 18, 2008 at 2:48 am


    That make sense. Surely with set.2, that won’t be issue. (with well thought out strategy of course)


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