4 New Spells Revealed! ~Permanent Spell and More~

alhujafieldmorph.gifSummary: Next couple days would be really exciting day for you all. Why? Because I will be translating all these new Set.2 cards that was posted today at SCEJ site. In this entry, I have translated the 4 new spells in the Set.2. With one of them having permanent spell effect.

Remember this blog entry? That’s right. Yet another of my prediction came true. Well… This was probablly something all of you could have guessed as well… Anways, permanent spell or enchantment in the MtG is basically spells that affect beyond the turn it is casted in loose term. In Set.1, none of spell card in the EOJ was considered as permanent spell. But not anymore.

alhujafieldmorph.gifAlhuja Fieldmorph (C)

Casting Cost: 2

Select a creature. The field that the selected creature is on becomes the target field. While the selected creature is on the target field, the field becomes the same element as that of the selected creature. You cannot select creature without element with this card.

Comment: This is one of those card that makes monocolor decks competitive in the set 2. Based on the description I am not certain if the fieldquake negates the effect of this spell, but if I were to guess it won’t. This is definitely one of the card that the Alhuja Spellshield had to state “THIS turn” in its description.

granvenoa.gifGranvenoa’s Sacaffold (UC)

Casting Cost: 0

Discard a creature, and you will steal 1 mana from the opponent.

Comment: This is one of the three ritual cards that will be added in the Set.2. Remember that you can only include 3 rituals in the deck.

Reconciliation (UC) penacei.gif

Casting Cost: 0

Sacrifice an allied creature on the board, and you will gain X mana, where X is equal to the summoning cost of the sacrificed creature.

Comment: Another Ritual card. Personally, I can see this would be really popular card. What if you use this card with your big guns right before its get killed.

orderofdeith.gifThe order of Dieth (C)

Casting Cost: 3

Select an allied creature. The selected creature can attack without paying its activation cost. This attack will not make the selected creature as done attacking.

Comment: Although at the first glance, it appears that this card would be only useful to use with creatures that have attacking cost of greater than 3, I believe the true advantage with this card is that you can essentially activate a same creature twice, three, or even four times in a turn.

So now we know 8 out of 20 spell cards in the Set.2. Every single card that we have seen so far appears to have very interesting description, and just these spells alone can definitely change our game mechanics.

Source: SCEJ Official EOJ Site (In Japanese)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Paydak on March 15, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    The fieldmorph is interesting conceptually, but ultimately, I think it’s a tough sell. First of all, you’re going to have to have a creature on its non-native field before you cast it. I think a lot of creatures you’d want to use this with are pretty worthless unless they are on the field of choice and are going to be pretty fragile before you get your combo going. Second, two mana is a lot to spend for an effect like this, which in essence is only going to heal for two health and give whatever the benefits are of the creature in question. As far as pure healing goes, this is far worse than Healing Shower often, so you’re going to have to find a REALLY good reason to change the field to make this worthwhile. Honestly, the only use I can see for this is possibly in conjunction with something like Edin the Persecuted, but as the basis of a mono color deck, I think it’s unlikely.

    Granvenoa’s Sacaffold on the other hand is incredible. Not as incredible as the Lapse, but it’s net mana gain is the same is Holy Feast which we all know is a great card. The only question is, is this going to be one of the three most useful rituals. As things stand right now, I think I would use this more often than the Alter, but hey, that’s just me.

    I think you’re dead on about Reconciliation. This is going to be popular. This isn’t a card for every deck, but there are going to be very specialized decks where this card is going to completely overwhelm the opponent.

    I don’t really like The Order Of Dieth. Yeah, you COULD make a creature attack four times, but that would what, take 9+ mana and 3 cards? I think this is useless with the current batch of cards and I can’t think of how they can make a creature with an ability to make this worthwhile. It would have to be a cheap 1 or 2 casting cost creature with some obscene, insanely high activation attack.


  2. Posted by houshasen on March 15, 2008 at 4:32 pm


    I really like your analysis. I presume you have played some other card games like MtG or YuGiOh in the past. I have not played any TCG other than EOJ, so my card analysis, especially with new concepts like these cards, is nothing but noob’s exictement impulse. So I really appreciate your comments. With this in mind, here goes my counter attack.

    >Honestly, the only use I can see for this is possibly in conjunction with something like Edin the Persecuted, but as the basis of a mono color deck, I think it’s unlikely.

    You are right about using fieldmorph as healing shower. It won’t work well. I see this card more of a way to increase the number of fields with specific element than giving specific advantage to the target creature. Since Belta is my most favorite card, I will use water deck as example. What if I cast a turtle on the right upper corner? The turtle will most likely to survive 1 turn with its HP and uselessness once on the board. So next turn with the 2 mana you have just stolen, you can use fieldmorph over the turtle. Now we have just added another water field to the board, which could have never existed otherwise.

    So next time you use turtle, you can steal 3 mana. Or dominion spell to damage 3.

    Assuming fissure won’t take this spell’s effect away, another way I see this card would be useful is use this card as preemptive counter against fissure spell. Particularly useful on middle upper and lower fields.

    You are right about the order of deith. 9+ mana plus 3 cards are just insane. And except for under exceptional circumstance, this won’t work. But I have a slightest hope in this card with decks like Dragon, God, and most importantly (to me) the spell deck, which I will some day talk about.


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