4 New Earth Creatures ~ Graveyard, The yard of Undead ~

earthemblem.gifSummary: This blog entry I have translated the last 4 cards from the Friday’s massive update in official Japanese EOJ site. These last four creatures are all Earth creatures.

Two interesting concept in these four new creatures. One is Decoy, which was mentioned a few weeks ago in SCEA Blog. More interesting concept, which was already seen in Zolda, is the involvement of graveyard. There has been cards that manipulates graveyard such as revive a creature, bring back a card into hand or to library, but this time the content of the graveyard is what matters.

Verzar Swordman (C)


Race – Human
Affiliation – Val na Vos
Summon/Activation – 1/2
HP/Attack – 1/2

Comment: Even though this is 1 mana creature without any special ability, it is interesting that this creature actually has attack power of 2. In the Set.1, there was only 1 creature with attack power of 2 that is 2 or less summoning cost. So certainly this is interesting addition to the game.

Buggy Riding Dwarf (C)


Race – Dwarf
Affiliation – Hammer Valley
Summon/Activation – 3/2
HP/Attack – 3/1+

– When you include non-adjacent creature as the attack target, this creature will add 1 to its attack power until the end of the attack.
Decoy: While allied dwarf creature is on the adjacent field, all adjacent opponent’s creature can only attack decoy ability possessing creatures.

Comment: Undoubtly, decoy ability is very strong ability; however, to balance the power of the ability it looks like we have somewhat stringent criteria to use this ability.

Novogus Human Sacrifice Novogus Sinbearer(R)


Race – Undead
Affiliation – Novogus Dynasty
Summon/Activation – 5/3
HP/Attack – 5/0

– While this creature is on the earth field, whenever an allied creature is destroyed, the owner of this creature gains X mana, where X is equal to the number of Undead creatures in the graveyard.
– While this creature is on non-earth field, all allied creature except itself will gain +1 protection
– This creature will be destroyed if it’s on a wood field.

Comment: Not the first time, but interesting to see that Graveyard is now really becomes part of the game. Also this creature is somewhat unique in sense that depending on what field type he is on, he gains different abilities. Like half but wider range St.Holly Fortress vs. Dungeon’s Ten Tyrants.

Novogus Grave Defender Vamus (UR)


Race – Betrayer
Affiliation – Novogus Dynasty
Summon/Activation – 5/4
HP/Attack – 5/2+

– While on non-earth field, this creature uses attack pattern B.
– This creature will add X to its attack power until the end of attack, where X is equal to the number of allied undead creatures in the owner’s graveyard.
– Everytime opponent’s creature is destroyed, the owner of Vamus will select an Earth creature from his/her graveyard and return it to his/her hand. UR cannot be selected.

Will be included in the Earth Theme deck.

Comment: Another card to use graveyard. With these creatures, your discarding would be not a waste but be a part of your strategy!!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jayymerk on March 18, 2008 at 4:45 pm

    Decoy is a very interesting ability. I can see this being used very skillfully to protect more powerful creatures from attacks. They would still be vulnerable to magic attacks as long as they weren’t adjacent to a dwarf. I like how once the decoy dies it can be brought right back with vamus (nice).

    I don’t know which ability I would use from the novogus human sacrifice; I guess it would depend on the deck. Choosing the mana ability gets him the bonus to his health (still tough choice though). Also using the Queen’s Courier would be a good way to get some undead in the grave early and draw some cards.
    Thanks for translating houshasen, you provide an invaluable service : )


  2. Posted by PoisonFrog on March 18, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    Just an correction. There are two cards in Set1 that have a 2 attack and are 2 or less summoning cost. Samurai and Flame Lizards


  3. Posted by houshasen on March 19, 2008 at 1:24 am

    The adjacent creature requirement applies to opponent attacking creatures. So rather than protecting specific creature from all the attacks, the decoy is more of like preventing specific opponent creatures attacking any other allied creatures but the decoy. I agree that this would be interesting ability. We have to see how difficult to set allied dwarf + adjacent to unwanted attacker.

    You are right. Queen’s Courier seems to fit pretty well for cards that utilizes graveyard. I wasn’t sure what good the card is, but that made sense.

    And you are welcome.


    My bad. Good catch.


  4. Posted by Paydak on March 19, 2008 at 10:38 pm

    These are all interesting cards.

    Buggy Riding Dwarf is certainly interesting with decoy, but seeing as you need this, an adjacent dwarf, AND another creature to redirect from, this seems to be of limited use. Or maybe I’m just misunderstanding the ability. A decoy card without the first clause could certainly be made to work without the prerequisite and still be fair I think. It would just have to be costed more than usual, which is better than making you use dwarves, which are all terrible so far.

    I really wish the Novogus Human Sacrificecost 4 mana. 5 mana is a hell of a lot to pay for something that has no attack value. I won’t write this card off completely though, because the other ability could be an insane mana generating engine in a combo deck should the right cards be printed.

    Novogus Grave Defender Vamus is going to be difficult to use, but probably isn’t totally worthless. I’m not sure the attack power increase ability is really as good as it looks. You already get 4 damage for five mana on existing cards. The ability to make this better is highly conditional, and usually not all that useful anyway (overkill), though I will admit, there are probably matchups where this can save your ass. The second ability isn’t as great as it first appears either. I’m a former Magic player, so I can really only compare it to that, but in that game, I think graveyard to hand recursion is strong for reasons that are not present to the same extent in EOJ. First, recursion generates card advantage which is big in a game where global resources are important and your bottleneck can often be cards in hand. EOJ is very different in that you only play one spell a turn, so any additional cards in hand are just improved selection, which is not quite as important. Second, I think “toolbox” recursion can be useful to find the right answer to a board situation at the right time, but EOJ does not yet have the means to fill your graveyard efficiently and you can also not use this ability “on demand” as you have to kill something first to make it work. I could see the card being useful if they print something that would be horribly broken to cast over and over again, but I’m not really certain what that would be yet. Oh yeah, and this is a “one in deck” card, so good luck building around it.

    Verzar Swordman is incredible, easily my favorite leaked card so far. Even with the triple blind spot, he’s going to typically suck away at least 2-4 mana for your opponent to kill it on an earth field, which isn’t horribly more than the 3-4 required of most other small creatures. This is the most efficient attacker ever printed in this game. You’re often just going to cast him and not care whether you need to use him again or not, because he probably already did 3 damage. He’s efficient board cleanup when you’re in a mana pinch while still pressing board advantage. Heck, even considering his more expensive activation cost, with a play and a single on board attack , you’re getting 4 damage (maybe more against blind spots) for 3 mana, which currently only the red lizard can compete with.


  5. […] I can see this being useful in well thought out Undead Race decks.  Remeber Vamus?  Or Novogus Sinbearer? these creatures abilities change based on the number of undead creatures in the graveyard.  So […]


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