Deep into the Description ~ Zolda  and Colwo ~


Summary: As most of world anticipating the Set.2 release in 4 days, Japanese EOJ Connection’s major strategy writer Asahara recently posted article about basic strategy of using 5 theme decks in the Set.2. Some interesting fact about Zolda and Colwo were mentioned.

Flame Lizard Borcor Zolda (UR)


Summon/Activation – 5/4
HP/Attack -3/2

Race – Betrayer
Affiliation – Dhee’s Empire

– Magic Attack (Targets only 1 creature)
During the resolution phase of the opponent, the owner of this creature select a creature (excluding this creature) with X or less mana. The selected creature must return to the hand of the owner of the card. X is equal to the number of Lizard creatures in the owner’s graveyard.

The key ability with Zolda is the card return during the opponent phase. This feature can essentially take full health creature without spending any mana every turn. And interestingly, this will not give exit mana nor trash triggered effect such as leapfrog discard.

It appears Zolda is much more useful than I have originally anticipated. With numerous additions of Lizard creatures in the Set.2, proper planning and set up will lead to truly powerful deck with Zolda.

Fire theme deck is a definite buy for me.

Venoan Third Captain Colwo (UR)


Race – Betrayer
Affiliation – Corsez Family
Summon/Activation – 5/3

– Attack Power equals 2 plus # of Allied Corsez Family creatures (exculding itself)
– Whenever allied creature successfully dodge opponent’s attack, you steal X mana from the opponent, where X is equal to the number of allied Corsez Family creatures.
– All allied creature (excluding itself) will gain a dodge attempt

Colwo, itself is a Corsez Family affiliated, which means without any other Corsez Family creature on the board, you can still steal 1 mana with a successful dodge.

Source: EOJ Connection Analysis 9 (In Japanese)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jayymerk on March 24, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    Zolda’s three hp is extremely limiting, he definitely should be followed by a healing shower. The question that I have been wondering about with this card (since you first translated it) is can this card stop a game over (the 5th card placement)? I’m not sure where the win condition is in the turn phases (not sure if it is the resolution or the end of turn) Since it says resolution (and assuming win condition is at the end of turn) I think that one of the opponents 5 cards would go back to his hand before he can win (that is pretty cool if it works).


  2. Posted by houshasen on March 24, 2008 at 1:31 pm


    Your assumption is correct, as far as I know.

    The end of the game is evaluated upon the end of turn and the resolution phase is prior to that event. So as long as the Zolda is on the board, and enough Lizards in the graveyard to support Return ability, you can break the check.


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