3 more cards ~ Lycanthrope’s Brother & Stinger’s Sister ~

Summary: Here are 2 new exciting cards information plus 1 previously deciphered card.

150. Verzar Golem (R)

Summon/Activation – 3/3
HP/Attack – 3/0+

Attack Pattern – Front
Counter – Front
Blindspot – Back

– Verzar Golem’s attack equals to number of unoccupied fields on the board.

180. Biolith Transporter (C)

Summon/Activation – 4/4
HP/Attack – 3/0

Attack Pattern – Front and Right
Counter – None
Blindspot – None

– Dodge Attempt
– Upon the completion of Biolith Transporter’s attack, swap the location of the creatures in front of and right to the Biolith Trasporter. (The transport occurs even with only one creature included as target). Target creatures cannot counter attack. If one of target creature is destroyed with the Biolith Transporter’s attack, the transport will not occur.

Comment: Biolith Stinger’s younger sister

118. Beheamorph

Summon/Activation – 3/3
HP/Attack – 3/1+

Attack Pattern – a. Front b. Front, Right, and Left
Counter – Front, Right, and Left
Blindspot – Back

– When Beheamoth is summoned, half the time add 2 to its attack and use attack pattern b.

Comment: Lycanthrope’s older brother .


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Real Gambler on March 25, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    Beheamoth is more Flame Ascetic’s big brother… Exactly the same stats 3-3-3 but only 1 dmg+ going to 3 with different pattern, instead of 2+ going to 4


  2. Posted by houshasen on March 25, 2008 at 6:45 pm

    @Real Gambler,

    The only reason I said Green Lycanthrope is that unlike Flame Ascetic this attack point change is not computed at each attack, but just like Green Lycanthrope upon summoning he will morph into stronger form. But you are right stats wise, it’s more like Ascetic.


  3. Posted by Real Gambler on March 25, 2008 at 7:00 pm

    Yikes, being a red title, I saw a fire creature right away (which it is, right?), and I immediatly thought it was a random attack power trip (and pattern), but wow, now I get it. It is truly a morphing creature. Very cool. And like our friend the Lycanthrop, pretty useless if it doesn’t morph, but quite decent if it does. A bit harder to justify the 3 mana cost, over the 1 mana Lycanthrop powerhouse though… But summon him on field 2 right at the beginning of the game, and it would surely annoy many people!

    Question about the transporter: Can you swap an opponent creature and one of your own creature too???

    Thanks for the good job your doing, btw….


  4. houshasen, is it possible to re-list all the cards name with their card numbers, 111-210. It would be easy to cross reference the numbers then with all the other great information you have listed. Hey, I just want the card numbers for cards, like… well the three you listed above. And all the rest.

    Thanks in advance,


  5. Posted by houshasen on March 25, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    @Real Gambler
    Can you swap an opponent creature and one of your own creature too???

    I’m 95% certain you can as long as one of the target is your opponent creature.

    I received an Email before from EOJ Manager or one of the major card listing site requesting the exactly same thing. Unfortunately those cards from Sony’s web site does not include number. Once full list are shown, then they will be in sequential order so you can count and figure, but until then I can’t really tell the number for those card from Official Sony site.

    Having said this, I added card numbers on the cards that I posted today, since the source of those card had the number.


  6. Posted by Rufus Omega on March 25, 2008 at 8:50 pm

    Beheamorph sounds cool, but will it really live up to lycanthrope standards? I guess only time will tell, but lycanthrope is such a powerful card because whether it changes or not it’s basically free (1 mana to cast, 1 exit mana).


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