Set.2 Cards ~ Ghostship to the last mana spell ~

Summary: Despite the delay in the Set.2 cards shipment in North America, apparently Japan has already received those cards 2 days prior to the official release date. One of the lucky buyer were kind enough to share the information of several cards that he received. Here are translation of some of those cards.

133. Kadena Ghostship (C)

Summon/Activation 3/2
HP/AT 1/0

Perfect Dodge
Gain possession two fields in front Kadena Ghostship

Comment: Finally, some new cards for possession deck users.

178. Biolith War Chariots (C)

Summon/Activation 4/4
HP/AT 4/2+

Attack Pattern – Front & Right
Counter – Same as above
Blind Spot – Left and Back

When greater than 4 summoning cost creature is included as target, add +2 to Biolith War Chariot’s attack.

144. Mischiveous Skeleton Soldiers (C)

Race – Undead

Summon/Activation 1/1
HP/AT 1/1
Attack Pattern – Front
Counter – Same as above
Blind Spot – Back


193. The Riot (UC)

Type – Ritual
Cost – 0

Destroy X mana from each player, where X is equal to number of creatures each players has on the board.

There are several other cards from the same source, which I will translate as soon as I get a time, so keep checking. 🙂

Source: (Japanese Facebook equivalent Site) – Require login


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Real Gambler on March 25, 2008 at 10:32 am

    Yikes, are you sure about the stats for the Kadena Ghostship??? If true, we can kiss the poor Tentacles of Possession goodbye! Only one possessed field for 2 mana and no dodge, against two fields and perfect dodge for just one extra mana. This may end up being a popular card.


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