2 Creatures: Shrine of Mourning & Reaper’s Golem

Summary: Here are two more creatures.  That I have never posted before.

117. Shrine of Mourning

Race – Base
Affiliation – Cult of Mourning
Summon/Activation – 3/2
HP/Attack – 3/1
Magic Attack
While opponent’s fire creature is not on board, all adjacent enemy subtract 1 from their attack.
When allied Cult of Mournig creature uses chance based abilities, those action will always succeed.

168. Reaper’s Golem

Race – Elemental
Affiliation – Til Vorg Monarchy
Summon/Activation – 4/3
HP/Attack – 3/1
– Two Water fields in front of Reaper’s Golem is also considered as Wood field.
– Each time other allied creature is destroyed, select a creature less 4 mana (excluding ultrarare) from the graveyard, and shuffle into the library.
– Adjacent allied elf creatures gain invisibility.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Rufus Omega on March 30, 2008 at 11:37 am

    Both of these look good, especially the Shrine of Mourning. The obvious combination would be to play it with Flame Ascetics; 4 damage for 3 to cast and 1 to activate. It’s just a pity that Green Lycanthrope isn’t a cult of mourning creature 🙂


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