Sample Deck ~ Water Deck ~

ティノアの堅門 サルマ

Summary: Remember the second Recap? As most of us predicted, with the Set.2 release one of new popular deck type is uni-color deck. Recently, EOJ Connection’s Author Asahara posted couple sample uni-color decks. In this entry, I have listed the card content of Water based uni-color deck. This deck shows a couple interesting points.

Uni-color Water Deck (from EOJ Connection)

No. Card Name #
22 Aluhja Priestess 3
25 Cloud Runner 3
29 Moving Isle of Kadena 3
33 Siam, Traitor of the Seas 1
34 Imposter Queen Anfisa 1
35 Goddess Tritona 1
36 Blue Cubic 3
90 White Cubic 1
139 Aluhja Inquisitrix 2
140 Sarma of Tinoa 1
142 Admiral Belta 1
91 Parmetic Holy Feast 1
92 Goghlie Altar 1
97 Healing Shower 1
98 Fissure of Goghlie 1
100 Summoner Mesmer’s Errand 2
104 Ice Flood of Okunada 1
191 Absolver Sacrament 1
204 Festival of Water 2


A few interesting things to note here.

1) # of spells
As I have already mentioned in the past, most players now a day uses roughly 5~6 spells per deck. Given the nature of the game, this is currently found to be optimal number of spells. In fact, Asahara, himself mentioned in the past 4~6 would be the optimal spell cards in a deck with Set.1; however, this deck appears to contain way more number of spell than that. Total of 10 spells in this deck.

I believe this is allowed in this because of the ability to draw cards are much enhanced with Set.2 in particular with this Water deck.

2) # of Set.2 cards

As most of us had known that Set.2 are the means to improve Set.1 cards but not to replace. The good deck should contain mixture of the two rather than one or the other. This deck demonstrate that by having numerous Set.1 cards in the deck. In fact, there are only 7 Set.2 cards in this deck in comparison to 23 Set.1 cards.


This is just one example of uni-color deck, but this first official example appeared to demonstrate the 2 important key concepts. One being Set.2 cards are there to enhance the Set.1 rather than to replace them. Also, game balance will change with Set.2 as demonstrated here with the significant increase in the number of Spell cards.

Source: EOJ Connection Column #10 p3 (In Japanese)


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