Missionary Impossible ~ Mission Complete ~

Summary: Thanks to the “Rufus Omega.” What it sounded like potential balance breaking cards, Missionaries, are now discovered to have an anti-Missionary card.

This is really clever. Apparently, Summoning Cost is ACTUAL Summoning Cost, which means the mana cost the player actually spent to cast the creature. This means if second Missionary is casted using reduced summoning cost (2 instead of 4), its summoning cost is now cosidered as 2 rather than 4 as stated on the card, which make sense, right?


Now remember our old friend “Biolith Bomber”? It attacks target creature by 3 if the target creature’s summoning cost is 2 or less. This means you can kill the missionary without field bonus with one hit.

I think this is the ultimate answer to Missionary Deck. And of course, good Missionary Player can still play tactically, but definitely not the balance breaking deck. 🙂

Following is the full copied comment from Rufus Omega’s post.

Rufus Omega

I have discovered that biolith is quite effective against missionaries. Firstly, no missionaries can steal the exit mana of bioliths. Second, using cards like Seer Vizak’s Calamity means that it’s harder to get missionaries on their element and give them extra HP. Also, Biolith Bomber is particularly effective against all but the first missionary as their reduced summoning cost means the bomber gains +2 attack and can kill them in one hit.

Link: Missionary Impossible *Updated


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  1. Posted by AlphaEtOmega on April 2, 2008 at 11:56 pm

    OMFG, awesome! awesome!


  2. Amazing My Friend, Amazing….


  3. I guess I’ll be adding a few bombers to my revised discard deck….


  4. Posted by Spazzfish on April 3, 2008 at 5:44 am

    I don’t think this help at all. By your second turn you can have an earth and water zealot on the board. Thats 2 creatures with five hit points each already taking you mana away on TURN 2 !!!! you can’t play a biolith on the board at this time that would do anything but perhaps hit the earth zealot for one with a bomber. unless you use a mana generating card to cast a bigger hitting biolith creature.
    Turn 3 you have 3 zealots on the board. Your loosing two mana a turn.
    At the moment a zealot deck is the most effective deck i’ve seen with EOJ. I’ve built one myself now and haven’t lost or come close to loosing with it. I have also failed to beat a Zealot deck with my other decks.
    I’m not going to cry UNBALANCED yet. I’m sure to find a good way of beating this deck type especially as it seems everyone is using them now i’ll get plenty of practise.


  5. Posted by damuda on April 3, 2008 at 7:20 am

    I think Verzar Golem is way more effective against zealots in the first rounds. It will definetely one-hit at the beginning even zealots with +2hp field bonus.

    One more option if you do not have a golem in your hand it might be helpful to use the new festival spells to prevent a 2nd zealot to be cast in the next round.

    Just my 2 cents…


  6. Posted by Real Gambler on April 3, 2008 at 8:10 am

    I also agree with Spazzfish. Most of the time, those nasty zealots are on their elements. And quite often, they are summoned over a cubic. (now, I starting to wonder if their summon cost becomes 1?????)

    On the other side, sure enough, the bomber will eat elemental cubic for breakfast. So just for that, I would say adding one to your deck could be a good idea, at least until everybody can get set 2 cards. After all, the current advantage will melt away when everybody will have access to more than two cards with 2 attacks (currently samurai and flame lizard), to kill those nasty cubics, and speed over slow missionaries… Wish I could slap a few of those squelettons that cost 1 mana and attack by 2 in my current deck!


  7. Posted by Spazzfish on April 3, 2008 at 8:47 am

    @ Real Gambler if you have two water zealots on the board (very easy to do) then you can cast the forest zealots for 1 mana:(


  8. Posted by Paydak on April 3, 2008 at 9:07 am

    Yeah, I think I agree with Spazzfish as well. It is kind of interesting that Biolith Bomber looks at the “real” summoning cost, but it isn’t like we didn’t already have a lot of other options to hit for 3+ damage for 3 mana (Assassin, Ascetic, Didi, Siam). The most notable difference in those is that you have the opportunity to get more board presence by putting something out with more than 3 health with those. But yes, this is a good tip for Biolith decks and they can’t steal your exit mana from this, which is solid.


  9. Posted by houshasen on April 3, 2008 at 1:39 pm


    I must admit that I got a bit too emotional from the excitement of how EOJ works. For those of you who have played different CCG in the past, this probablly was not a big surprise, but a person like me who have never played any other CCG, I just had to say this was clever, and didn’t expect this coming.

    Now after a good night sleep, I feel a bit more calm and hopefully my analysis would be a bit more objective.

    Bomber alone will definitely not be a complete killer of Missionary deck. In fact, if any game is well balanced, I don’t think any single card should completely destroy a deck. Because that I would call balance ruining card.

    The key here is if Bomber sees the card as 2 mana instead of 4 mana, then cards like Zolda (Fire Betrayer), or Elven Dissimissal would be also as effective.


    As for having two creatures with in two turn seems bit too highly dependent on the luck of card draw. The only way I can think of my opponent being able to cast 2 missionaries on my TURN 2 require the following specific situation.

    1) Opponent goes first
    2) Opponent cast cubic
    3) I cannot kill the cubic
    4) Opponent summon missionary off the cubic
    5) Assume opponent have correct missionary to follow the 3 in his hand.

    Furthuremore, having 2 missionaries on their corresponding field would require your opponent to be some what less experienced against Missionary deck.

    Because if I were to play against Missionary deck or get sense that the opponent is using Missionary deck, in the event I cannot kill the first missionary, I would try to cast my creature on the anticipated second missionaries field so the second one don’t get the field bonus.

    And of course, you as a Missionary deck user can anticipate this and plan accordingly.

    But at this point, I feel like we are start talking about our tactics, strategy and skills rather than pure card advantage, which I was really afraid of from the posts I saw on Japanese forums.

    Lastly, like Paydak said biolith is not too different from Assasin, Ascetic, Didi or Siam that you can attack 3 for 3 mana. But I think key difference here is Bomber can attack from two square away, four directional so even the counter attack can kill the opponent missionary if it does not gain field bonus. Obivously, the disadvantage being chained creature. This does not mean Bomber is better creature than the other ones, but definitely add more variation into the deck construction. People could have all those creatures including the ones mentioned by Real_Gambler Or one can choose.

    Again, without Set.2 cards it is really hard for me to solidly speak about specifics, but with this Biolith Bomber thing, I feel a bit more relieved that Missionary deck is strong but not to the point I would call balance breaking. I know feel it is more like Biolith deck that you just need to play accordingly, when you know your opponent is using Missionary deck. 🙂


  10. Posted by Spazzfish on April 3, 2008 at 3:58 pm


    Unless you cast a bomber on a biolith field you can’t cast it at all until there are 4 creatures on the board. By that time you will most certainly lose to a zealot deck. Remember a zealot deck will also contain 3 errands. To get a cube, earth zealot and water zealot in your hand is very very easy.
    Even if your cube does get killed, next turn you are still casting your zealot and due to the cost reduction for subsequent zealots you can cast them at a rate quicker then you can effectively kill them. Remember after the first zealot is cast you are casting potentially a 5 heath point creature for no more then 1 or 2 mana. That on it’s own is in my opinion a broken formula with these cards. Thats without taking onboard the ludicrous abilities they also offer.
    The only thing I ask is please do not put up a sample zealot deck on this site. It’s bad enough playing them at the moment and until we can find a counter to it (if there is with the available cards at the moment) then it will help nobody if everyone knows how to construct them.


  11. Posted by SeaLander on April 22, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    Have cheap heavy hitters like maidens, siams or didis (which is advisable anyway to have on any deck). one bomber on your deck wouldnt hurt as well, just make sure you know the sequence of the missionaries and land your creatures on those board so that the zealots wont get the field bonus, also, make sure to tighten your card placements on the board, this would decrease any chance the zealots will land on their bonus fields as it would limit board placements. just be careful of your cards blind spot and make sure the zealot cant kill you when summoned because after the bonus attack, its rare this zealots will attack again. dont neglect non-zealot cards as well, as most zealot decks would summon some biolith temple on top of this, having mentioned the biolith temple, a leapfrog bandit is a good distracting tactic against them.

    If i only had set 2, i think the tree foxes are also good counters against zealots. i cant wait for thursday!


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