Gamespot Japan EOJ Cup 2 Detail

Summary: Obviously since the Set.2 relase, EOJ is getting much more attention or at least so it seems in Japan.  This is another officially Sony approved EOJ Tournament.  This is yet another tournament that is technically limited to people living in Japan but..

Gamespot Japan EOJ Cup is a unique type of CCG tournament that in some way fully utilizes the EOJ’s power.  This tournament uses CPU vs. CPU mode to carry out the duel.  Participants submit their deck via Email electronically and rest are carried by AI; hense, this is more of a tournment to compete deck construction skills.

Host: GameSpot Japan

Entry Date: 4/4/2008 util 4/14/2008 Midnight
Requirements: Acquire Gamespot Japan ID, Lives in Japan (for prizes)
Max Participants:128 (if more than 128, will be randomly selected)
* Limit one entry per person
Pre-round: Random Tournament (As before)
Pre-round Dates: 4/15 to 4/28
Playoff: Eight participants tounament
Playoff Dates: 5/6 to 5/16

* Weekly report on Gamespot Japan site will show the progress of the tournament.
Tournament Regulation

CPU vs. CPU Mode – Expert

Stage – Random

Field – Official

Time Limit – 1 minute

First player – Random

Animation – Off

Deck Build limit – None.  Any cards from Set.1 or Set.2 can be used as long as they follow the official EOJ rule.

*During playoff, each duel will be based on who ever wins the first two match.

*During final, Battle Animiation On, who ever wins the first three match wins.  These duels will be posted on Gamespot Japan.

As you have probablly guessed, there are already a few people starting to complain about the fact that they are not limiting the Missionary Deck Use.  At this point Gamespot Japan believes there is not enough evidence to take such extreme stance against Missionary Deck, in fact, they believe this might be a tounament to prove whether Missionary deck is really supreme to all the others.

Having said this, it is likely that we will see quite a few Missionary deck in this tournament.  So perhaps trying to make anti-missionary specific deck might not be so bad idea.

* Although strictly speaking this tournament is limited to people who lives in Japan, since the entry submission can be done electronically, if you have address in Japan where you can send the winning prizes to, it appears nothing to catch this.

Source: Gamespot Japan


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Real Gambler on April 7, 2008 at 8:27 am

    The cpu usually plays badly when it’s not one of his own premade decks.

    To win, a zealot deck as to summon the first zealot quite quickly. Starting first is a huge advantage for them. But with the cpu, starting first mean that the cpu may not summon a cubic, or wait for turn two to summon a zealot, but likely play a small creature.
    Somehow, I suspect that it’s a speed deck made with set 1 and set 2 cards who will win. Unless they have changed the AI for the CPU with the new patch.


  2. Posted by TV's Best Dad on April 7, 2008 at 8:59 am

    I haven’t really tinkered around with the CPU much, but yeah, I could imagine it doing a lot of dumb things with a zealot deck, like casting them in the wrong order. I’d imagine it’s more wasteful of mana than humans, so I think I’d want a lot of low casting and low activation creatures.


  3. Posted by Rufus Omega on April 7, 2008 at 10:58 am

    I play against the CPU on expert a lot to test new deck ideas. The CPU doesn’t have the tactical ability of even an average human player. It frequently makes bad decisions about what cards to play and what to kill. When playing a zealot deck it puts little priority on getting zealots out as quickly as possible or in the right order, and almost ignores the cubics in it’s hand. I doubt a zealot deck will win this tournament, which is bad because the only way we’ll ever see a restriction on zealots is if enough people see how over-powerful they are.


  4. Posted by Real Gambler on April 7, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    You’re worrying too much about the zealots… They are a pain in the … but only if they start first (since they can summon the first zealot quickly, no matter what and it takes a while to kill it,) but currently they are quite beatable if they start second. And again, with everybody with set 2 cards, we will have more tools to deal with them. And finally, as the ranking currently shows up, we are getting better at dealing with them. When the set 2 came out, 7 out of the top 10 guys had zealots decks in the new ranking system! And they were not even used to their new deck yet! So if the zealots were that good, after so many days, they should still be way upthere in the ranking since zealots owner would make less and less mistakes. But this is not the case!!! Top position is currently a set 1 guy. And many top 10 positions are set 2 cards, but not zealots.

    BTW: Thanks for your input on CPU tactical ability…. You have confirmed what I suspected. And you’re right, as I said, it’s likely not a zealot deck that will win, and sure enough, some people will say they are not that powerful… Sadly though, they are, particularly since it’s the first time we have to design our decks to specifically handle one type of creatures.

    Only sad thing I can see is the fact that you have to design your deck to deal with them for now. I like to be able to design a set that is good against any decks, without having to select 5 to 8 cards to deal with zealots specifically. But, hey, I’m now playing with some new set 1 cards I never included in my deck before (Kadena pooooower!), which, I also found out are not so bad against other deck too….


  5. Posted by Real Gambler on April 10, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    With the new update, it seem that there’s now some new decks to beat (single game) and one of them would be a zealot deck. (People with set 2, please confirm)

    If so, this would mean the CPU (or AI) is quite likely much better at handling zealots.

    End result: I now predict a zealot deck win if this is the case!


  6. Posted by houshasen on April 11, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    @Real Gambler,

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I had it confirmed from a Japanese player that the last deck that you have to beat in vs. CPU mode is in fact the Zealot decks. So not only AI can handle the Zealot deck, but it sounds like Developer knew that it is very strong deck.


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