Noram Zealot Japanese Promo Card Steps

Summary: Anyone who did not know how to get this card must thank Justin, who has emailed me the scan of the pages from Dengeki Playstation.  Here I have translated the steps that you need to take to get the promo card.

– First 20,000 People will get Noram Zealot Promo card.

– Letter must have stamp 4/10 or earlier

Send a letter/postcard with
Front Page (This is address to the Media Works)



Back Page

Do Not Write Anything
Include another letter/post card with

Front Page

Your Address

Back Page

– Your address
– Your Name
– Your Age
– Your Telephone Number
– What you thought about the article

Place the Left lower corner Orange Tab (that says EOJ Set2).  Must use original

* In Japan there is a postcard called Round Trip post card, but I believe most countries do not have this.  So I have splitted out into two letters or post cards.  I believe you need to place a stamp to the return letter.

Please Note: There is no gurantee that this would work from abroad.


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  1. So I had someone in my office translate. I had 3x of each magazine. The instructions essentially called for exactly what Bob posted. A 2-way postcard, paid both ways, with your name, address, age, a review of the article, and the stamp from the magazine.

    My plan was to send them an envelope, with a card inside holding all the information and stamp, as well as a blank unsealed envelope addressed to me with postage for the card. I did all of this, and when I got to the post office found out that they can’t give me Japanese postage…aka there’s no way for me to pre-pay the envelope.

    So what did I do? I stuck $3 USD in each envelope, and $10 USD in the last one (for luck) and sent them off anyway with a note inside each (written in Japanese) that my friend helped me with asking for them to help me out and stick a .90 stamp on my cards to send back to me

    Let’s see how gracious the magazine company is…for all my effort (and about $70 getting the magazines in the first place) I hope I end up with at least one promo!!! 6 chances…


  2. Posted by houshasen on April 9, 2008 at 4:43 pm


    Wow. You sure want the card. Though if you can get those card, I’m sure you can sell extra ones on Ebay and make quite bit of money so I guess..

    But it’s really surprising that there is no way to have prepaid international envelope.

    Japanese companies are generally really good about their services, so either they will return you the money or send you the cards. Since sending cards cost as much as returning money, my guess would be you get all 6 cards. 🙂


  3. I hope so!!! 🙂


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