Asahara’s Top 10 Set.2 Cards (6 to 10)

Summary: In this entry, I have translated the 4/16 edition of Asahara’s article “SET.2 Personal Top 10.” In this first of two translation, I have translated #6 to #10.

ノヴォガスの墓守 ヴァマス

#10: 157. Vamas, Tomb Sentinel

Asahara says “Vamas is so powerful that when you use Deck of Undead whether you can draw this card or not could change the entire game plan. My dream with using this card is to attack all four direction by summoning on middle field and destroy all four enemy creatures at once. In comparison to other Set.2 Betrayers, Vamas’ ability is more tightly linked to the number of Undead creatures. Combo this card with Decoy and Ressurection will give you superb result.”

ティノアの提督 ベルタ

#9: 142. Admiral Belta

Asahara says “Since I like Moving Isle of Kadena and Cloudrunner, I like this card as well. Water creatures tend to have upon summoning abilities/effects, which work very well with Warlord’s ability of invocation. This makes Admiral Belta, one of the best Warlord to use its Invocation. There is incomparable difference in the amount of fun you have between any other matches using other decks and the match successfully run around Belta.”


#8: 207. Biolith Ascention

Asahara says “This spell has a riduculous effect of allowing you to summon a Biolith creature with 0 cost. Biolith Ascention works particularly well with Biolith creatures that have more siginificant value to exist on the board than the value of its upon summoning effect. Battleship qualifies for this. However, remember that this is an Ultrarare; therefore, it has constraint of 1 per deck. So try to avoid couting on this card too much; otherwise, you may end up having full of cards in your hand that you cannot summon.”


#7: 150. Verzar Golem

Asahara says “Verzar Golem is an ultimate destroyer early in a game; however, it becomes nothing but carved ornament in later in the game. This creature can be used to destroy the first missionary/zealot or any other high HP creatures in early game. I fell in love with this card when my opponent who went first summoned Zomba in his 3rd turn, and I used Verzar Golem and damaged the Zomba to near-death by one hit.”


#6: 111. Flame Novice

Asahara says “Nearly everyone thinks the classic 1 mana Fire creature is Flame Magus; however, I believe Flame Novice is better card than the Flame Magus. Despite it being 1 mana creature, this creature has potential of attacking enemy by 2. Flame Novice is guranteed to hit by 1, which is the major difference from Green Lycanthrope. In certain situations, Magic attack is better than Physical attack; however, when you can hit from target’s blind spot, physical attack wins. Generally speaking, all 1 mana creatures tend to be destroyed fairly quickly so its main use should be thought of as 1 hit upon summoning. Oh by the way, I also use this creature often to destroy Elven Berserker Maiden when it is casted on the Earth field.”

So what is your top 10 Set.2 cards? Mine does not exist yet since I don’t have Set.2 cards yet…

Source: EOJ Connection “SET.2 Personal Top 10” page 2 (In Japanese)


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Spazzfish on April 19, 2008 at 4:21 am

    In no order some of my favourite cards are:

    Dwarf Sniper
    Dwarf Battle buggy
    Earth Phantom (hero)
    Verzar Swordsman

    Elven Plaguedancer
    Tree foxes
    Wood Phantom (hero)

    Battle Master
    Battle ship

    Absolver Sacrament
    Biolith Ascension


  2. Posted by Rufus Omega on April 20, 2008 at 11:46 am

    Biolith Ascention is a bit too good really, as is Battle Master. Used together those two cards are even more ridiculously powerful.

    A few of my other set 2 favourites are:

    Sciondar Gateway
    Allujah Inquisitrix

    Of course, Archbishop Jirva and Absolver Sacrement are great cards too but they’ve already been mentioned.

    I had until recently completely overlooked Siam’s Lookout. It turns out that it’s a really good card and now appears in most of my decks. 3 to cast and 1 to activate for 3 health and 1 damage is great, but it’s ability to get the cards you need from your deck without ending up with a huge hand of cards you don’t need, and also not running out of cards 3 or 4 turns before the opponent makes it an almost essential part of any themed or restricted card based decks.

    For the most part though I still think set 1 has the majority of better cards.


  3. Posted by houshasen on April 20, 2008 at 1:28 pm


    Although I was not a big fan of Discard deck, with the introduction of Wood Phantom, my interest to making a discard deck has increased tremendously. Zomba and This would give a quite nice discard power. Oh and not to forget Noova.

    @Rufus Omega,

    Siam Lookout? That’s very interesting choice. I had to actually look back the description of the card.

    Certainly, it looks like a card that can help you tune up your hand. Especially, when your deck is susceptiable to deck out, this would do well over bunch of draw cards creatures/spells.

    Flailmonger is another interesting choice. With the introduction of Summoning Cost Reduction abilities in the Set.2, this is definitely the counter card that Sony made against it.

    Though I still don’t have Set.2 cards, the card I am interested in and planning to make a deck around it is the “Shaman Zolda”. Sure it only has 3 health, but the card return ability seems extremely strong especially when your opponent don’t get exit mana or other exit effect.

    Obviously, catch here is you need to build your graveyard to be able to use this ability effectively. Card like Queen’s Courier could help this a bit.

    The chance is almost so slim, I don’t even know if I would try but conceptually interesting is to have Fire WItch Freedonia combo with Zolda so even if your Zolda is destroyed, you can return it to your hand, and summon Zolda back. Though 5 mana (zolda) + 5 mana (freedonia) + 1 mana (return) + 5 mana (zolda again) seems too much to ask.

    BTW, I agree that Set.1 cards seem to be better when compared in most decks; however, I believe that is because Set.2 cards are geared to very specific types of decks. So my guess or hope is if you use them correctly in appropriate type of decks, Set.2 cards will start to show its true potential, which blows Set.1 cards away. 🙂


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