Asahara’s Top 10 Set.2 Cards 1 to 5

Summary: Here are Top 5 Set.2 cards by Asahara.

#5: Verzar Swordman

Asahara says, “Just like Flame Novice, this is all for one hit creature. This is an only creature in the game at this time that has pure attack power of 2 with mere 1 Summoning cost. As I have previously stated 1 mana creatures can be used as *Tsujigiri creature. This card, in fact is the King of *Tsujigiri.”

*Tsujigiri (辻斬 tsuji-giri, literally ‘crossroads killing’) is a Japanese term for a practice when someone, after receiving a new katana or developing a new fighting style or weapon, tests its effectiveness by attacking a human opponent. Originally, this practice took the form of traditional duels between bushi, but as the classical ideals of Bushidō were largely forgotten during the Edo Period, the mannerisms of Tsujigiri became increasingly dishonorable. By the 18th Century, it was not uncommon to hear of ronin ambushing unarmed peasants in the dark for simple amusement. A warrior who practiced this often would often be referred to as a Tsujigiri.

#4: Biolith Temple

Asahara says “Race specific Magic Attack can be used to destroy Goblins, Lizards, and sometimes Missionaries. Also the ability to return cards from graveyard back into the library confers rare method of library restoration. This ability is particularly useful in decks that tends to have out decking issues like Biolith Decks. Also this card has an ability to supplement Parmus Church Affiliation based decks such as Missionary deck. Though I have never been able to use exit mana steal ability. It’s just too difficult to cast Temple and Scion on the board the same time.”

#3: Tolicore Zealot

Asahara says “This is delegate from the Missionaries. Tolicore Zealot is particularly strong among Zealots. This has attack power of 2 with the attack range of either of two fields in front this creature. Needless to say, the discard ability of this creature is fearful. Furthuremore, I cannot tolerate its ability to steal the exit mana of my favorite creature, Verzar Swordman.”

#2: Absolver Sacrament

Asahara says “This spell allows you to remove unnessary allied creature from the board and gain mana equal to its Summoning Cost. This card slightly changes the tactics of using enemy creature as a barricade. WIth the introduction of this card, even if high mana costing enemy creature acting like nothing but carved ornament, it might be better to destroy the creature. Personally, I use God as the sacrifice target. Sacrificing Phaseus gives me 9 mana, and this saved me numerous times to break what appears to be unbreakable check.”

#1:Archbisshop Jirva

Asahara says “As in the SET.1, SET.2 heros emphasize on their usability. Among all heros in the SET.2, I can recommend Jirva to anyone. At first glance, many look at its ability of mana boost; however, the most dreadful ability is its power attack. When I summoned this creature while having 12 mana, I was able to destroy the full health (8 HP) Zomba with single attack. That was the moment I fell in love with this creature. Also, I’ve seen my Phaseus destroyed with single attack by enemy using this creature. This card kick ass.”

For 6 to 5, see Asahara’s Top 10 Set.2 Cards (6 to 10)

Source: EOJ Connection “Set.2 Personal Top 10 page 3” (In Japanese)


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  1. Ive got a card triceptaur behemoth,behemorph,sciondar fire god,taurus monolith,flame ascetic and venoan assassin.


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