Minagawa’s Understanding EOJ World ~ Goblin ~

Summary: Believe or not, there are two main writers in the EOJ Connection. Those of you, who are frequent visitor of this blog should already know Asahara well. He writes strategy/tactics related articles. The other writer, whose name is Minagawa, writes about the EOJ’s background story and setting. He is an official scenario writer of this game. In this first of series, I have translated background story of “Goblins”.



Inhabitants of the forest are not just the beautiful Elves. They have burning fiery temperament. They spend their entire life in the mayhem. Goblin is also a woodsman.

Their way of life is the antithesis to that of Elves. They favors to fight and admires violence. They are short-tempered and extremely low intelligence.

It is well said that “where Goblin is, where turmoil comes.” When Goblin heads out to City, all people lives in the City ran away with no exception. Of course, you cannot be Goblin if you care about such minutia. No matter what circumstance it is, their priority lies on their own desire. In order to satisfy the desire, they take enemy’s weapon, they threaten enemy’s ally and convert them onto their own side, and if necessary they would even batter their own ally from back. This is Goblin.

Therefore, Goblin does not make a large group. Basically they act on their own or upon necessity, they form group of 10 or less, but even then each member in the group do whatever it desires.

However, there is exception to everything.

Green Bandits basing in Juno Forest is this exception. Dedicated Green Erlking Zomba as the King, they had declared the independent nation; however, at the time of foundation of the country, internal conflicts were non-stop to the point where it was questionable functioning as even bandits.

緑の説法師 ヌバ

In recent year, Preature Noova joined the Bandits as an etat-major. Upon his joining, discipline was established in the group, and its war potential rapidly expanded.

Now Green Bandits is beyond just group of thieves, and it became one giant troop that bases in the Juno Forest. Finally, Til Vorg realized the significance of the Green Bandits, and decided to eradicate the Green Bandits; however, it was a bit too late. Now Bandits are too big that Til Vorg has difficulty to just defeat them.

It was only Prince Lusirion who scented early the affiliation of Preature Noova and the potential threat to Til Vorg created by it. If it was not Prince Lusirion, Til Vorg would have been felt into the hand of Green Bandits, consequently to the hand of Preature Noova.

Source: EOJ Connection “Teraformer Races 2 page 2.”


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  1. Posted by GonzoBobH on April 22, 2008 at 9:19 pm

    Amazing stuff… please, keep it coming; would love to read all of them!!!


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