Gamespot Japan Cup #2: Videoclips of the Final

【THE EYE OF JUDGMENT】「EOJ公認企画 第2回GameSpot杯」全結果発表Summary: Rather dramatic final of the Gamespot Japan Cup #2 is now can be seen through stream movie. The finalists were Jyanken using Z deck (Zealot/Missionary Deck) against Juuji using what he called “Possession of Water” deck. And the winner is…

Click the links below to watch individual matches in High Quality.

  • Final Set 1(Jyanken First)
  • Final Set 2(Juuji First)
  • Final Set 3 (Jyanken First)
  • Final Set 4 (Juuji First)
  • Final Set 5 (Jyanken First)
  • The content of both Jyanken and Juuji’s deck will be posted in this blog soon.

    Source: Gamespot Japan Cup #2 Final (In Japanese)


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    1. Posted by Rufus Omega on May 29, 2008 at 11:42 am

      I still don’t see the point of this COM vs COM tournament. It determines nothing about the skill of players in EOJ. It doesn’t matter how good a player’s deck is because the AI has shown time and again that it can’t work out anything other than the most basic tactics. With almost every deck I make I get the COM to use it against me so I can see where it’s weaknesses lie, but never has it been able to work out the strategy required to make effective use of the deck. The game seems to think that cheating is acceptable alternative to skill too. If the COM needs to hit a dodge creature to stay in the game it will, every time. Or if it needs it’s creature to dodge it does that too. And half-the-time abilities always work for the COM when it needs them too, always.


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