EOJ Rock Scissor Paper ~ Metagame ~

Summary: Long time no see everyone.  I have started a new and real job now, which unfortunately has been keeping me busy to the point that I do not have time to play EOJ.  But now that the first official Worldwide EOJ tournament is coming, I got strong urge to update my blog a bit.

In this entry, I have translated EOJ Connection #21 about concept of metagame in EOJ.

What is metagame?

It’s a jargon used among TCG gamers.  It is basically a strategy/tactics against popular decks at the time.  For example, when you play rock-scissor-paper and know someone likes to use rock, your metagame against such person would be to use paper.  Sounds too simple?  Well, Asahara applied this to EOJ and explained it in the EOJ conncetion #21.

General classification of EOJ decks

As we all know that despite limited number of cards in the game, there are numerous types of deck the people can make including Biolith Deck, Winny deck, Lizard Deck, Water Deck and the list goes on and on.

However, majority of EOJ decks can be classified under 3 primary types: Reset, Speed/Winny, and Combo deck. The best example of reset deck is the biolith deck/attrition decks.  Speed/Winny deck includes dodge deck, balanced deck etc. and many race or affiliation decks are considered as combo deck.

Relationship between the 3 primary deck types

Just like rock-scissor-paper, the relationship among three primary deck types are balanced.

Speed/Winny deck

Basically, this type of deck does not care or interfere with opponent’s mana, but rather win the game quickly. This type of decks are the decks primary consisting of low mana costing creatures.  This deck woks well against low attack combo deck by defeating opponent before the opponent can even finish their combo.  However, this type of deck is weak against powerful wide attack deck (reset decks).

Combo Deck
This type of deck has specific combo or associations between your creatures/spells.  More the game progress, more you likely to be able to complete your combo.  Once you get your combo out i.e. interactions between creatures, it becomes extremely difficult for your opponent to beat you.  This type of deck is weak against speed deck, but strong against reset deck.  This is because reset deck is generally slow deck and therefore you have better chance of completing your combo.
Reset deck
This deck specialize to win by deck out against your opponent.  The classic example is biolith/attrition deck, but note that not all biolith deck fit into this category.  From the reasons stated above, good against speed/winny deck but weak against combo deck (in theory).
Comment: This classification at first appeared rather too simple; however, in retrospective, I feel this is quite accurate.  During the Set.1 era, people initially discovered that winny/speed deck as one of the best deck type.  As the time progressed, there were more and more biolith deck players, who were doing well against speed decks.
During the Missionary era, everyone complained and said combo deck that any other combo decks are impossible to beat missionary.  Only way to beat missionary is to go back speed/winny deck.
Clearly this is not perfect, but when you get confused what to do with your deck, this is a good way to start.  Think which category your deck falls under and which deck type you tends to lose.

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  1. Posted by Paydak on August 13, 2008 at 5:35 pm

    This is the exact basis for blanket classifications of Magic decks, except in that game traditionally Control (reset) > Combo > Aggro (speed) > Control. Hopefull as EOJ develops there will be a greater overlap in deck types.


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