So how long is right for you?

Summary:  So it’s less than 24 hours away before we get the long waited Set.3 information.  Sure it seemed a long time for me.  In fact it was long enough to get me lose some of interest in the game.  Do you feel the same way?  How long do you think is a good time between the Sets?

Between Set.1software release (10/25/2007) and Set.2 downloadable patch release (3/27/2008), there were approximately 5 months (6 months for North Americans). 

The first Set.2 news became available in the month of Feburary so between Set.1 release to the Set.2 news, there were approximately 4 months.  The time from Set.2 downloadable patch release to the first Set.3 news (tomorrow) is 5 months.  From what I heard, Magic the Gathering usually have 3 months cycle between the release of new sets/expansions. 

I know the Set.3 should complete the Biolith Rebellion series, but if there were to be new series what do time frame do you think the Sony should use between the new Sets?  Is 3 months between Sets reasonable? Or is it 5 or 6 months?

I believe 3 months cycle between Sets seem too short.  Even though there are only 100 cards in each of EOJ sets, it would still cost us $300+ to complete a set and more importantly I won’t feel like we would see everything in the set if it’s only for 3 months.  On the other hand 5 months of no information about next Set seem just too long. 

So I would say the optimal would be something like in 3 months, Sony should start giving us some sort of information about the next Set even if it is still under the testing.  This will bring our interest back to the game just around the time when some of us start feeling the game becoming somewhat old.  Then Sony can constantly update the new information regarding to the next Set until the actual release of the Set.  I would say the release of new Set should be 5-6 months from the previous Set.  This would prevent us from draining our budget and also prevent us from thinking like “I can’t keep up with this game because it costs too much.” So what would you say?


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  1. actually i think that 8 months between sets would be optimal

    IF, and only IF, they start giving info after the 5th month.

    but that is merely my own opinion


  2. Posted by Danilo80 on September 14, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    In my opinion I think that fourth months are right 😀


  3. Posted by Real Gambler on September 14, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    No need for fixed dates between sets… I don’t mind if it takes 3 months, or 9 months. Just keep me updated on a weekly basis and I’ll be happy.

    Week 1: Working on cards stats. Artists are doing sketches.
    Week 2: Cards stats done, testing begin. Artists have a few creatures that look really nice.
    Week 3: Cards stats are being tweaked. New field cards tested, started working on some of the creatures already.
    Week 4; More balance tests. We now have about 6 news creatures approved and two of them are playable. (show one creature)
    Week 5: Contest: Draw your own creature (oops, artists are too slow I guess). Field cards seem to be a nice idea. (Show another creature)
    Week 6: 53857 sketches to look at…. We now have 7 playable creatures. (show third creature)
    Week 7: Winner is mister X, and his creatures will show up in EoJ as the Xterminator. (Show Xterminator sketch)
    … (more creatures every week)
    Week 10: We need some beta testers. (167328 people went for it) (Show Xterminator creature)
    …(more creatures)
    Week 13: Beta is over. Stats will be adjusted in the next few weeks and tested again.
    … (more creatures)
    Week 16: We hope to be able to release the game in about 4 weeks if next beta goes well.
    … (long interviews about the game)
    Week 17: Beta is doing well, showing 14th and 15th creature.

    Week 21: going gold. Release soon.

    Week 23: Game is released. Sailboat to N.A. is loaded. Hope the winds will be good.

    Week 27: Sailboat is finally here in N.A.


  4. Posted by sjabth on September 15, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    Hopefully Columbus will sail the wrong way this time too, otherwise the NA cards end up somewhere in Asia. 🙂


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