Set.3 Promo Cards?

Summary: The source of information is from EOJ Manager’s forum.  According the site, there are total of three promo in the upcoming Set.  One of which is Edin the Persecuted, the Set.1 Wood theme deck Ultrarare.  More intersting are the other two, which are the first Set.3 cards that are known to public.  Whether the information is accurate or not, I cannot say since the original source seem to came from a site in Spanish, but given it is on the highly respected EOJ Manager site, I would say most info are the true if not all.

311. Dioscuri 12/3/5/+2 

Biolith ancient/Biolith castle 

– only can summoned by incarnation on either allied Pollux or allied Castor 
– Magic attack targets all creatures and is 2 + the both players mana 
– If is incarnated at Pollux , the exit mana of biolith fields are stealed. 
– If is incarnated at Castor , all other creatures at biolith fields gain 1 hp at each resolution phase. 

Comment:  First of all, what is Dioscuri?  I don’t recall ever hearing this in EOJ.  So I consulted Dr. Google. Following definition appears to give sufficient background for us.

Castor and Pollux (pŏl`əks), in classical mythology, twin heroes called the Dioscuri; Castor was the son of Leda and Tyndareus, Pollux the son of Leda and Zeus. They were brothers to Helen and Clytemnestra. Castor excelled as a horseman and Pollux as a boxer. They were great warriors and were noted for their devotion to each other. In one version of the legend, after Castor was killed by Lynceus, Pollux, in accordance with the classical tradition that one of every set of twins is the son of a god and thus immortal, begged Zeus to allow his brother to share his immortality with him. Zeus arranged for the twins to divide their time evenly between Hades and Heaven, and in their honor he created the constellation Gemini. According to another legend, Castor was killed by Idas. The Dioscuri were widely regarded as patrons of mariners and were responsible for Saint Elmo’s fire. They were especially honored by the Romans, on whose side they were said to have appeared miraculously during the battle of Lake Regillus.

So ok.. I guess the only word I understood was Gemini.  So I believe this is the origin of the constellation Gemini.  This card rather introduces a new concept, which is the change in the ability of a card based on the sacrifice.  12 mana seems a rather ridiculous, but since this is a biolith maybe biolith ascetion to summon Castor or Pollux then incarnate Dioscuri over may be the right way to summon this.

Also people over at the EOJ Manager’s forum as well as Japanese 2 channel forum are suspecting that maybe there is NO spell card in the Set.3.  This is because of the card number #311.  If Dioscuri is truly a Biolith creature and its card number is the #311, then based on the previous set sequence Non-elemental and Spell cards comes after the biolith creature cards and as there will only be total of 311 card in the game, people seemed to arrive at the conclusion maybe there is no Non-elemental or spell card in the Set.3.  

I highly doubt this, though.
288. Romili Reloaded 4/4/4/2 

targets all enemies with the same element 
posseses adjacent creatures on the biolith fields
substract 1 activation cost of any adjacent creature 
while allied “Lesser Granvenoa (9)” is on the board,  the field adjacent of Lesser are also treated as biolith fields 

Comment: Intersting thing about this card is that one of the least useful card in the Set.1 is now getting some boost in its ability or at least attempting to find its place in the game.  As Set.3 being the last of the series, I would not be suprised or in fact would actually expect the great balance of the game to come back, or even exile the original Set.1’s near perfect card balance.

Conclusion: Dioscuri introduced slightly new way of summoning creature.  Restoring balance is very key this game and with Romili I feel like Sony knows about the importance and seems to be utlizing combo ability to fix it.  Sure Sony seems to be doing something new with Set.3 as they did in the Set.2, but these two cards alone still did not suprise me.  




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