Where to Preorder Set.3?

Summary:  Are you planning to buy a booster box or booster boxes?  Are you trying to find where you can get the box? Or more importantly, where you can get the cheapest?  Followings are the some online sites that I used when I purchased my Set.1 and Set.2 booster/blister boxes. 


I have used this site during both Set.1 and Set.2 era.  I have had a few issues with this site.  One they did not get enough supply so I had to wait for extra month before receving a box.  Two I did not get a right theme decks.  Generally, customer service did not seem timely.  Currently lists $104.95 per booster box.  No Free shipping.

Cool Stuff Inc

I have used this site couple times during Set.1 era.  No problem with my previous orders.  The site currently lists $89.99 per booster box.  This site usually provides relatively great discounted price during preorder, but once the actual game is out or when the release date gets closer, they usually increase the price.  So if you plan to purchase from this site, perhaps now might be the best.  No Free shipping.

Home Field Sports & Games

I have used this site once or twice in the past without any trouble.  Currently lists $99.99 per booster box.  If you purchase more than 3 box, you get a free shipping.

Ideal 808

I have personally never used this site before.  Currently it lists $94.95 per booster box with 2 day free UPS shipping if the order is over $150.  By this alone, it appears the site is the cheapest, but wait.

This site is one of the two sponsors of the lbshooters, the biggest EOJ tournament community.  And if you are a member of LBS and you can get a discount with Set.3 preorder. The discounted price is $89.95 per box.

Here is the detail of how to get the discounted price.  LBshooters Forum

* These are US sellers.

Personally, I am waiting for more information about Set.3 before deciding how many boxes to order, but if I were to choose now it seems like Ideal 808 has the best deal.  If anybody knows other sites with better deal, please let me know.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Real Gambler on September 21, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    “Personally, I am waiting for more information about Set.3 before deciding how many boxes to order”

    Totally agree! Rumors about NO theme decks, rumors about different UR ratio. Absolutely nothing about how many URs we have to look for in Set 3. So yes, waiting is in order. Sadly, as you said, price could go up, or supply may dwindle while we are waiting.

    I really, really wish they could give us more information right away. At this point, all this information will not change. In fact, I’m amazed that nothing came out of Japan yet…


  2. Posted by houshasen on September 22, 2008 at 2:26 pm

    No theme decks? That’s interesting.

    More information is on its way. According to the SCEA Manager, we are expecting new info from now on every week (Thursday or Friday).

    This was confirmed by Asahara’s EOJ Connection Blog. He said next issue of EOJ connection will start covering Set.3 cards.


  3. Posted by Slarth on September 23, 2008 at 7:24 am

    Looking forward to it. You did an excellent job last time around, with regards to keeping us informed from the Japan side of things i’m looking forward to it all again.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


  4. hey houshasen. thanks for the plug for LBS and our sponsors. as an update, Homefield Sports has dropped the 3 box offer to 2 boxes for LBS members to get the free shipping. oh yeah peeps, get used to the higher prices…UDE has raised prices for the cards.


  5. http://www.MechaCubic.com are offering pre-order’s (mainly aimed at UK players) for £79.95 including shipping and free gifts.

    We do also ship to the EU/World but P&P isn’t included.


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