Full List of EOJ Trophies & Set.3 Theme Decks confirmed?

Summary: For those trophy freaks, it looks like there will be plenty of trophies in EOJ when Set.3 comes out.  Check these out.

Bronze Trophies:

  • Gatemaster – For braving the gateway to battle. (Victory vs. starter deck)
  • Mourning Ascetic – For training in the rites of the flame. (Victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, Fire Crusader)
  • Okunadan Monk – For suppressing the aquatic mutiny. (Victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, Water Barrage)
  • Swordsman of East Reach – For gaining the recognition of your earthen comrades. (Victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, Earth Emperor)
  • Til Vorg Riders – For those who have joined the liberation army of wood. (Victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, Wood Swarm)
  • Biolith Castle Gatekeeper – For proving oneself to the Bioliths. (Victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, Biolith Scourge)
  • Black Goat Prison Guard – For capturing the unscrupulous followers of the flame. (Victory vs. Set 2 theme deck, Fire King’s Rage)
  • Venoan Mercenary – For passing the initiation of the water clan. (Victory vs. Set 2 theme deck, Water Conquest)
  • Undead Battalion – For suppression of the earthen dead. (Victory vs. Set 2 theme deck, Earth Atonement)
  • Green Bandits – For being admitted into the band of wood thieves. (Victory vs. Set 2 theme deck, Wood Unleashed)
  • Biolith Castle Archive Curator – For reaching complete and true understanding of the Bioliths. (Victory vs. Set 2 theme deck, Biolith Godmaker)
  • Theraclave Gatekeeper – For being admitted into the army of flame. (Victory vs. Set 3 theme deck, Fire Havoc)
  • Tritonan Palace Guard – For being admitted into the army of water. (Victory vs. Set 3 theme deck, Water of Death)
  • Blade Guild at Visvar Vaas – For being admitted into the circle of earthen knights. (Victory vs. Set 3 theme deck, Earth Desolation)
  • Alchemist’s Lab Worker – For being recommended to the wood research facility. (Victory vs. Set 3 theme deck, Wood Mayhem)
  • Biolith Godmaker – For those who might become a Biolith godmaker. (Victory vs. Set 3 theme deck, Biolith Revenge)

Silver Trophies

  • Yaksha Ninja – For victory over the federation army. (Victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, Arbiter)
  • Paramedic Inquisitor – For meting punishment to the Parmetic heretics. (Victory vs. Set 2 theme deck, Parmetic Wrath)
  • Sacred Darkness Academy Attendee – For gaining entrance to the academy. (Victory vs. Set 3 theme deck, Eye of Judgment)
  • Mourning Reverend Father – For fending the trespassers off with your bare hands. (Completion of Set 1 Challenge 1)
  • Okunadan Father – For the inspiration required to end a battle swiftly. (Completion of Set 1 Challenge 2)
  • Liberator of East Reach – For conquering every outpost of your enemy. (Completion of Set 1 Challenge 3)
  • Forest Chief – For ambushing the enemy with relentless forces. (Completion of Set 1 Challenge 4)
  • Battle Master – For gaining ground on the great expanse. (Completion of Set 1 Challenge 5)
  • Ninja Patriarch – For inspiring steadfast unity in battle. (Completion of Set 1 Challenge 6)
  • Black Goat Prison Warden – For suppressing the riots with an iron will. (Completion of Set 2 Challenge 1)
  • Venoan Don – For utilizing intelligence to confuse enemy forces. (Completion of Set 2 Challenge 2)
  • Undead General – An award for complete and total dominance. (Completion of Set 2 Challenge 3)
  • Green King – For claiming all for one’s own in the blink of an eye. (Completion of Set 2 Challenge 4)
  • Unsinkable Biolith Armada – For abolishing the Prime Elements. (Completion of Set 2 Challenge 5)
  • Parmetic Prior – For punishing heretics near and far. (Completion of Set 2 Challenge 6)
  • Chief of Dhees’ Army of 1000 – For pushing your foes back with a deific physical prowess. (Completion of Set 3 Challenge 1)
  • Tritonan Admiral – For achieving victory without needless spilling of blood. (Completion of Set 3 Challenge 2)
  • Ten Tyrants – For utter annihilation of your blasphemous foes. (Completion of Set 3 Challenge 3)
  • Lord of the Forest – For victory achieved before war could be declared. (Completion of Set 3 Challenge 4)
  • Condemned Biolith – For striking fear into the hearts of the heartless Bioliths. (Completion of Set 3 Challenge 5)
  • Master Summoner – In recognition of your rank as a master summoner. (Completion of Set 3 Challenge 6)

Gold Trophies

  • Divine Warrior of Juno – In recognition of those truly experienced in battle. (victory in countless duels)

Platinum Trophy

  • Divine Summoner – In recognition of your rank as a true master summoner. (Acquisition of all trophies)
Comment:  Surprisingly, there are way more trophies than I thought.  Additionally, this list confirms the existence of Set.3 theme decks, not only 5 but 6 theme decks in the Set.3!!!  Sadly, this appears to also confirm NO STORY Mode.
Source: PS3 Fanboy

2 responses to this post.

  1. Man, Thanks for all the info you keep publishing. I really wanted english translations to the cards. However i have heard from Slarth that the set 3 theme decks are just in game decks, like the arbiter and parmetic wrath decks from previous games and no subsequent theme decks are being published or given out. Just something i heard, can’t say that it’s definate.


  2. Posted by Matthew on October 1, 2008 at 11:01 am

    In the UK, we’ve received the following email from our main supplier (in the UK our release date seems to be the 24th, not the 16th):

    Hi All,

    Just a quick email to let you know we’ve received word from our suppliers today that there definitely WILL NOT be theme decks for EOJ Set 3 – thus confirming the rumours!

    Regarding the boosters, so far everything seems to be on schedule for the release date of the 24th Oct.


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