Set.3 Biolith Creatures 1 ~ EOJ way of Trap Card ~

Summary: I don’t know where to start.  I was actually surprised to see that Japanese EOJ site suddenly revealed 60 cards from Set.3.  Personally, it would have been better them to show one by one in earlier months.  Anyways, since there is no way that I can translate 60 cards at once, I have decided to translate ones that appear to be higher in  demand.  Since in the previous post one person commented about Biolith Ultrarare, I will start with Biolith.  So here it goes.

Romilio Reloaded (UR)


Race – Hero
Affiliation – None


Magic Attack – Targets all enemy selected race.
Possess all adjacent enemy creatures on biolith fields.
Reduce activation cost of adjacent creatures by 1. 
While allied Lesser Granvenoa on board, all fields adjacent to the Lesser Granvenoa  are also treated ad Biolith field.

Comment: Again this creature demonstrates Sony’s attempt of restoring game balance in those cards from previous set that was not much useful.  In this case, the Lesser Granvenoa.  


Rudora, Atomic (UR)

Race – Dragon
Affiliation – Biolith Castle


– This creature’s attack is equal to 3 plus the number of creatures with the same element as the target creature.
– All enemy creatures on non-biolith field will have their health point reduced by the total number of magic protection, protection and dodge attempt that the each creature has. 
–  When an allied creature is summoned to adjacent field, all enemy creatures with the same element as the newly summoned allied creature will be damaged by 1 magic attack.
(A) N1/N2 (C) N (B) S

Comment: Yet another counter cards against dodge creatures, though it looks like we see less of dodge decks now.  What’s really interesting about this creature is additional attack strategy that you can do with its ability.  Perhaps, this may be the “formation” strategy that Set.3 introducing?


Scion’s Peace (R)

Race – Blimp
Affiliation – Biolith Castle


– Magic Attack
– At each resolution phase, this creature will lose 1 health point.  (cannot be less than 1 by this effect)
– At each resolution phase, this creature’s attack point will be increased by 1. 
– Perfect Dodge 

(A) Any 1 (C) None (B) None


Mage Guard (R)

Race – Mech
Affiliation – Biolith Castle


– Magic attack all selected enemy creatures with the same element.
– If you discard a spell from your hand when your opponent casts a spell, you can negate the spell effect. 

(A) All (C) None (B) S

Comment: Personally, among the four creatures that I translated today this is the most interesting one.  So it looks like this is the EOJ way of instant (in Magic the Gathering) or traps (in Yugioh).



3 responses to this post.

  1. more!


  2. Impressive Abilities, The new dragon looks cool. I wonder if they will make wood a decent element in this game it was always one of the most useless in set 1 and 2


  3. Posted by Fongy on October 9, 2008 at 10:54 am

    This dragon is one my favourite cards in Set 3, I think Peace and Mage Guard are also brilliant – too many good cards to choose from!!! Argh!


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