Set.3 Patch is now on sell

Summary: Following is Email that I  have received from SCEA Manager, Chuck.  So even for North American EOJ fans get to buy and download Set.3 patch now.

Today is a big day as Set 3 finally releases on the PlayStation Store and just like Set 2, Set 3 will be priced at $14.99. We understand that this may disappoint some of you as many players have been vocal about the price and we do understand your comments and concerns, especially considering the current economic situation.  We hope the community will understand that in order to develop innovative games like EOJ, high development costs need to covered by purchases.  While I would agree that life would be perfect if games were given for free, but we wouldn’t be able to provide you with new and cool experiences like EOJ.  We thank you all for understanding this and hope the community will as well. 

With that said, we do pay attention to your concerns, so to try and bring more value to the EOJ consumer, we happy to announce a new EOJ Set 2 and 3 Bundle that will release today as well.  The EOJ Set 2 and 3 Bundle will include both download packs at $19.99 which is a great value for 2 Expansion Packs.  So if there are EOJ players who haven’t expanded their deck due to cost, this gives them a great chance to catch up with the rest of the players out there. 

Card as you know will be distributed by our partners at Upper Deck and can be ordered starting today on! 

As you may have noticed the new EOJ Update is up giving EOJ players new features like new animation settings and the ability to send replays and additions to the Master Rules- 

Players pay the Activation Cost, and declare their intent to reactivate a creature for an attack. When the attack action is successful, the actual attack takes place. If the attack action is canceled, the Activation Cost is not returned. 

Players pay the Activation Cost, and declare their intent to reactivate a creature for a rotation. When the rotate action is successful, the actual rotation takes place. If the rotate action is canceled, the Activation Cost is not returned. 

Both players must offer the top card of their libraries to the Eye, and compare each card’s Summoning Cost. If both cards are creature cards, the player whose creature’s Summoning Cost is higher than that of his/her opponent’s, wins the Judgment. If both creatures’ Summoning Costs are equal, it ends in a tie. If one of the cards is a spell card, the player who offered a creature card wins the Judgment. If both players offer a spell card, it ends in a tie. After the Judgment, both players return their card to the top of their libraries. 
Note: If a player cannot offer a card from the library to the Eye, it is considered that he/she offered a card that is not a creature card, and the Judgment takes place. 

When a player declares a certain action, another effect may actually take place instead of the declared action. This only incurs an Activation Cost equivalent to the declared action. 

Comment: $19.99 for two patch sounds very reasonable doesn’t it?  Especially, now a day you can buy EOJ bundle $30-40.  So total of $50-60 (just a regular game price) you get all Set.1-3 covered software-wise. Since I never had problem paying $15 on Set.2 patch as I thought it was worth an investment considering how much play time I get out of it, Set.3 patch costing the same is NOT an issue.  There is different issue here, though.  I don’t have my Set.3 cards!!!!   When will we (North America) get EOJ cards???  Just as previously anticipated next week?  Or the worst rumor of November??  Hmmmm… 

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Fongy on October 17, 2008 at 3:41 am

    ***ALERT ALERT***

    (Cue sirens and flashing police car, like the start of Dick Tracy cartoon)

    I was playing the PS3 last night to win trophies and the computer does not recognise decoy…
    I got decoy several times and it happily attacked my other creatures…
    Anyone else have this issue and is it a bug?
    I haven’t tried decoy online yet, but this is a bit bad considering if you want to practice decoy it doesn’t work!


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