Clair Wil the Valiant

Summary: Key card for Uni-elemental deck is here!!

242. Clair Wil the Valiant

Race – Noble
Affiliation – Tritonan Queendom


– While Clare Wil is adjacent to two or more allied creatures, she must use her secondary magic attack, which targets all enemy creatures on fields of the same element as the target field.
– When attacking a non-Water creature, Clare Wil’s attack equals 2 plus the number of Water fields.
– Add 1 to the summoning cost of enemy Biolith creatures on non-Biolith fields (including newly summoned creatures)
– All adjacent allied Water creatures gain Fieldmorph.

(A) a. N1&N2 b. Magic the Element (C) N (B) S


Comment: Set.3 Phantoms looks amazingly good, but also the stats are solid.  In general, you can divide the Set.3 Phantoms abilities into 4 main categories.  

1) Attack Pattern Change
2) Attack Plus against different element than itself
3) Anti-Biolith Ability
4) Fieldmorph

Fieldmorph ability was a new concept in Set.2 and appeared at first to make Uni-elemental deck possible; however, given the high cost of the creature yet possessing no attack power made these creatures extremely difficult to use.  However, these nobles seem to have strong firepower when used properly.  Perhaps, proper use of these nobles will allow us to at least destroy 2 creatures at once relatively easy.  For any of us who is hoping to make a competitive uni-elemental deck, these nobles may be an absolute must card in a deck.


Well I have mispoke.  It is fieldmorph not “treated also as..”.   This means you will fully convert the target field into its own element and take away the original element type.  These cards are going to be so fan use.


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  1. Posted by Fongy on October 20, 2008 at 6:18 am

    Nobles are rather good, Pope Cyrstin is particularly good!


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