Sign of EOJ Popularity? ~ Non-Glare Card Protector ~

Summary: I believe this has been out for a while in the EU and NA, but Japan has recently received this new UltraPro Card Protector called Non-Glare Deck Protector.  The interesting this about this is that its description mentions about Eye of Judgment.

Personally, I use the cheap 99cents (100 sleeve) UltraPro Clear card protector for my cards.  Depending on the lightings I need to go into configuration and change the settings, but most of time I don’t have much problem with my card being read with the protectors on.  However, this new Non-Glare Deck Protector from UltraPro specifically stated followings on the Japanese site:

This protector (sleeve) works extremely well with card games requiring scan by camera.  With exisiting sleeve or deck protectors, there were numerous occasions that card did not get read properly secondary to the reflection of lights or surrounding objects.  This item uses special Non-Glare material, which allows these cards to be read smoothly by camera.   

I know it does not specifically mention the name “Eye of Judgment”, but it sounds obvious that they refer to EOJ (or perhaps maybe Lord of Vermillion).  Maybe this is a sign that Eye of Judgment is acquiring a bit more popularity in Japan? 

For those of you who lives in the NA, here is a one site that sells this Non-Glare Card Protector:


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  1. Posted by Real Gambler on October 27, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    That’s awesome… Also means at least one company is listening to us! I have no problems with the normal ones, but I think if I have to get more, I may go for those. Particularly since I don’t like the one with the holograms…


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