Sample Deck ~ Invisibility Lock Deck ~

Summary: It’s been a while since Asahara posted sample deck.  In fact, this is his first sample deck with Set.3 cards in it.  The key to understand Asahara’s deck is that none of them are perfect, but gives a idea to start for those of you who have no clue.  More importantly, personally, his sample decks gives trend of concepts that are currently in use.


Invisibility Lock Deck

No. Name #
001 Flame Magus
022 Aluhja Priestess
068 Edin the Persecuted
082 Aegis Citadel
072 Green Cubic
143 Verzar Swordman
262 Jade Mimic
270 Moggy Howdah
272 Mandragora Triplet
274 Pope-Queen Cyrstin II
091 Parmetic Holy Feast
092 Goghlie Altar
100 Summoner Mesmer’s Errand
191 Absolver Sacrament
296 Parmetic Castigation
307 Biolith Infestation



How does this deck work?

As the key concept of this deck being conferring invisibility to your own creatures, this is rather defensive deck.  Once you make your creatures invisibile, neither physical attack, magic attack or spell can damage your creatures i.e. the game over.

So your tactics of playing with this deck is to focus on how to complete your invisibility combo.  In fact, Asahara reports almost all cards in this deck are there to support this concept in some way.

There are various ways to attain Invisibilty combo in this deck.


Moggy Howdah + Moggy Howdah

Moggy Howdah + Edin the Persecuted

Edin the Persecuted + Aegis Citadel

Aegis Citadel + Moggy Howdah 


There are a few things that you need to keep in mind using this deck, though.  One is the mana cost.  As you can see from above, MH + MH will cost 12 mana.  Even the cheapest Aegis + Edin would cost 8 mana.  For this reason, this deck have Green Cubic and Jade Mimic.

These egg are not just there to save you mana, but also will provide means to initiate and complete your combo during the same turn.  Clearly, as soon as your opponent notice that y

ou are using Invibility Combo, they will target your key creature to try break your combo.  So shorter the time between summoning one key creature to the other is the better.

For instance, use Parmetic Castigation and discard Moggy Howdah, then reincarnate the Moggy just sacrificed over the Jade Mimic.


Weak Points.

1. High mana cost to complete the combo.

2. Defensive deck i.e. lacks fire power

To address these two main issues, creatures like Verzar Swordman, spell like Parmetic Castigation  are included in this deck.



Although there are couple creatures possessing the ability of negating Invibility effect, majority of players do not use any of these creatures.  So main stay for metagame against this type of deck would be fieldquake spell and abilities.  




3 responses to this post.

  1. The idea isnt bad, but with 10 !!! creatures that cant attack and 8 spells it will only be possible to win if you are really lucky.


  2. Posted by arnie on November 18, 2008 at 7:18 am

    if you want more attack you could add:
    -hellfire spitter
    -ninjas (green, blue, yellow) one each
    -fog instead of castigation
    -lord hu + eye of juno
    -if u go for parmus: the new siren+the griffen(+oath)

    for set1+2 the best invisibility combo (i actually played mostly against LD decks) is the bandits (they won’t be killed first by good players)- archeress (or any green 1 mana creature) – ascension – aegis – edin -combo for almost no mana imo

    i’ll try out the moggy probably in a direction deck

    have fun


  3. Posted by Towa on January 10, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    Works well. I don’t use Mandragoras


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