Sony’s New TCG

Summary: No. It’s not EOJ 2, but it’s from Sony so should we accept this as new TCG game for PS3?  

4_tIt’s been so long since I updated this blog.  One execuse reason is that I’ve been really busy with my work.  Second being there is no new information to translate.  Though I have had not played EOJ for a while, that does not mean I am not eagerly still watining for EOJ 2 to be announced.

For those of you who have been reading this blog probally know that EOJ was my first TCG experience.   EOJ got me into the TCG game genre.  MtG sounds really cool, but was a bit too complicated for me, too many cards, and there is no PS3 version.

Anyways, so much for long whining intro.  The actual game I am talking about is called “Free Realms.”

Free Realms is one of three MMORPG scheduled to be released on PC/PS3 by SOE.  So you may ask why MMORPG?  Well, as part of this MMORPG, there is Free Realms TCG.  These cards are also available at all TCG stores within the US.  So you can play online or offline.  But no PS Eye support though.

Free Realms appears to target young audience,  so I didn’t expect the TCG game within the game to be deep, but one single game changed my mind.  Sure it’s only one play, so I may change my mind back again but so far the game seems much more sophisticated than I thought, yet easy to learn.  I don’t think I would get into the Free Realms itself, but TCG part may be my next EOJ until EOJ2 is officially announced.

The only complain I have for Sony is why NO PS Eye support on these cards!!

3_tTo create an account and play games is free.  With free account you get free starter pack.  If you want to have additional cards, booster packs can be purchased with cost.  They are priced around $4 per pack for either online or offline.  Again note that online and offline cards do not interact like EOJ.

Free Realms is already avaiable on PC and currently scheduled for release in fall for PS3.  So for those of you who have PC, I highly recommend at least try couple games.  For those of you who have PS3, it’s not EOJ, but you know that we will be getting this new TCG on PS3 in the fall!  And it’s pretty good.



Link to the Free Realms TCG

Link to the official site:


2 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you for a great site & some really useful resources! Some of which I hope to use.

    I MISS MY EX!!



  2. Posted by IDIO on May 21, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    Yah Ive been on free Realms alot lately despite its kiddie feel it IS A FUN GAME. The TCG is deeper than it may appear…. I like/Hate the poker-ness of it


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