EOJ PSP Demo Available

For those of you who have Japanese PSN account and of course PSP, you can now download the demo version of the EOJ PSP.  Enjoy!!


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  1. houshasen, Yesterday I played the demo all day it’is very funny.
    Now I need your help. I do not understand Japanese so I could not play with the ad hoc party.
    If you know or if you can read how to do it on some Japanese forums, we would do a big favor.


  2. in my blog I’ve added six new cards, now i need your support for translations 🙂 http://ps3-planet.blogspot.com/2010/01/eye-of-judgment-legend-six-new-cards.html


  3. Posted by FilliamHMuffman on January 16, 2010 at 10:34 am

    Using Google Translate on the new cards:

    Dragon Rider

    Summon Cost: 2
    Activation Cost: 1
    Health: 3
    Attack: 1
    Range: E or N or W
    Blind Spots: S
    No Element

    Subtract 1 to the cost to summon allied creatures with the affiliation dragon (cost cannot go below zero).
    When Dragon Rider is on a non-Biolith field, the range of creatures with the same affiliation of the dragon rider found the two fields to the right, left, and before him, he becomes the creature of the same element that occupies.

    Saint Til Vorg

    Summon Cost: 7
    Activation Cost: 4
    Health: 6
    Attack: 2
    Range: Magic attack all fields
    Blind Spots: S
    Wood Element

    Can be summoned only if there are two wood creatures on the board.
    Can be incarnated on allied wood creatures (cannot attack the turn it was incarnated, but does not end your turn).
    Magic Attack: Affects all non-Wood enemy creatures.
    When Til Vorg is on a non-Biolith field, each time an enemy creature is destroyed, your opponent must discard a card from their hand.
    When a Wood Noble card is in the player’s graveyard, all other Wood creatures acquire fieldmorph.

    The other Saint cards work in much the same way, with a different bonus for being summoned on a non-Biolith field.

    Saint Val Na Vos: When Val Na Vos is on a non-Biolith field, adjacent allied Earth creatures gain two protection.

    Saint Tritona: When Tritona is on a non-Biolith field, adjacent allied Water creatures gain perfect dodge.

    Saint Dhees: When Dhees is on a non-Biolith field, adjacent allied Fire creatures add one to their attack.

    Gold Lycanthrope has already been listed, but there are a couple of additional details on the card. If it does not transform when summoned, it has 1 attack and targets the field in front of it, but if it transforms it has 2 attack and uses a lancing attack pattern. It also does not allow enemy creatures in the two fields to its left, right, and front to be sacrificed.


  4. Posted by houshasen on January 16, 2010 at 11:15 am

    @Laten & FilliamHMuffman

    Wow. Thanks for the update.

    For ease of viewing I’ll make a new post for each of those card.


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