Saint Dhees

Summary:  Here is the Fire Saint.

Saint Dhees

Race – Saint
Affiliation – Dhees Empire


– Saint Dhees can only be summoned if 2 or more Fire creatures are on the board.
– Fire Incarnation
– Magic Attack all non-Fire enemy creatures.
– While Saint Dhees is on a non-Biolith field, add one to attack for all adjacent allied creatures with the same element as Saint Dhees.
– When Fire Noble is in the player’s graveyard, all other allied Fire creatures acquire fieldmorph.

(A) Magic All (C) None (B) S


7 responses to this post.

  1. “When Fire Noble is in graveyard all creatures gain field morph” ….

    What the hell so this would mean if dios is in the graveyard and this is played it’s pretty much game over with a monoelemental deck.


  2. Posted by houshasen on January 16, 2010 at 5:09 pm


    Remember it’s only apply for ALLIED FIRE creatures. So first of all, you are risking yourself using monoelemental deck. At least that how it is on PS3 version, right?

    Definitely useful ability for unielemental deck, but if he gets killed suddenly many of your creatures lose their field bonus i.e. opponent may simply need to focus on killing him and may simply kill 2-3 creatures at once if he dies.

    So I’m not so sure it’s a game over card. BUT Saint is definitely a must have card in a deck for unielemental deck and having saint makes, Nobles much more valuable card. Good JOB Sony.


  3. But i suppose an infestation could still destroy the bonus gains and morphs ..


  4. Posted by houshasen on February 21, 2010 at 12:46 am

    gains yes. morph no. so still those field be counted as fire field for spell such as elemental attack.


  5. Yes, but then the main question arising would be that do you use Fire Acsension in this deck or the Set 1 Damage Dominion that does damage equivalent to the fire fields. Imo Ascension would be a much more useful card in a monoelemental deck.

    However my main concerns are that with the cards displayed from the new set. Attrition or LD Decks are pretty much going to be non-existent in the game. It was hard enough holding your own against a monoelemental deck with LD, this will completely make attrition unplayable against them.


    • Posted by houshasen on February 21, 2010 at 10:48 am

      True. Set1 damage dominion wasn’t a good example. But how about card like Elven Rider or Vulitra? # of your elemental field are substantially increased with Saint’s. So those abilities will see huge boost.

      As for Attrition decks, many hated it. In Set.1 it was dominating along with Winny decks. With Set.3, Church of Parmus based Reset deck was just overpowered. So I believe they had to make quite bit of change to weaken the potential. But I believe/hope, just as other type of decks, if you plan well and construct your deck well, you can still come up with one that is competitive. Same for Church of Parmus deck. It’s just not be as simple as before. People just can’t include Temple, Zealots, Vengeress in their deck and play without a tactics anymore. At least, that’s what I hope happen.

      I’m not sure what LD deck stands for…


  6. LD stands for Library Defeat, ( Same as Attrition, Reset, etc )

    Truth is that i was running an Attrition deck without all these creatures in set 3 anyway, i didn’t see them as competitive enough to be in a deck. However the biggest problem came to be with Monoelemental decks because of the excess mana granted by the constant board wiping. They had ample oppurtunity to take out thier big creatures in a rush making it very hard for any attrition deck to contain them. The current changes will only benefit these decks and so far attrition won’t be able to deal with so many threats.


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