Summoner’s Ability

Summary:  It sounds like EOJ Legend introduces a new concept.

With every Set, EOJ continues to evolve.  For example, Set.2 introduced the concept of combo and Set.3 introduced the concept of formation.

With all the changes in the existing card and thirty new cards, I am certain that there will be new concept introduced in the game, but one new concept that is outside of the actual cards has already been introduced in the Demo version.

I call this “Summoner’s Ability.”

These are bonus/ability associated with the Summoner i.e. CPU player.

For example,

Black Forest Elf as a Summoner has the summoner’s ability that gives allied elf creatures plus 1 health bonus when they are not on the wood field.


Noova as a Summoner decreases summoning by 1 for allied Green Bandits ultra-rare creatures.


Comment: At this point, whether this applies to the player or not is uncertain.  But if it does, certainly an interesting addition to the game.   Examples above demonstrate Summoner’s ability can help certain decks e.g. Green Bandits or Elf decks.

I don’t have access to actual demo, so I can only imagine, but this new concept seem to have even more potential than that.  Essentially, these are permanent effect/ability that persist throughout the entire game play and more importantly occurs in every duel.

In the game of EOJ, Ultrarares are limited one per deck.  So often, despite the fact that certain ultrarare can act as the primary key card for your deck, you may not able to draw the card at right time or perhaps not at all.  This results in a  luck based game play element a bit more prominent.  However, if one summoner’s ability guarantees a specific card to be in your hand during your first turn, this changes.  I’m sure there are better example than this, but this permanent + always present bonus is a great new addition to the game.  Let’s hope player himself gets this option.  And most importantly as always, PS3 owners get this as well.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I think it will be something implemented just for the arena battles against the CPU (duels in which you win cards and points to spend in the game store).


  2. Posted by Anonymous on January 21, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    I think this is a great idea, it will make deck types even more interesting!


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