Future update for PS3 version?

Summary: As several of site visitors raised the question as well as myself, I have decided to shoot another Email to EOJ PSP Marketing person.  Here is the response.

Following is the email I sent

I have been receiving several questions from my visitors regarding to the possibility of updates in PS3 version.

As you already know, Japanese Official EOJ PSP site is up and they have cards section.  Not only old cards with new stats, but also new cards also have the conventional PS3 EOJ card layout i.e. dummy cybercode.
This makes really wonder if Sony has plan for updating PS3 version and introducing all new cards to PS3 version as well sometime down the road.

Perhaps, you may not able to share any detail at this point for different reasons, but as an official EOJ community site, I would like to pass this question to you.

Following is the response I got.

I just heard that there are no plans for the PS3 version as of now either way, sorry i don’t have any info!

Comment: So there you have it.  The answer is what I guess most of us expected.  Even if they have a plan, they cannot tell us that because that can potentially hurt the sales of PSP version.  But to be honest, despite expected answer I am a bit disappointed.  Especially, considering the fact that Sony has been advertising how well PSP and PS3 work together.  I believe this is one game that can do that.  Let the player choose to pay for physical card or digital card only.  Have a cross platform play.  PSP version allows each card to be registered only on one of your deck i.e. if you have 2 decks that you need Didi then you need 2 Didi.  So make this a difference.  If you pay extra and get physical card on PS3, allow those users to use his physical Didi in multiple decks.  Anyways, the answer for now is no PS3 version.


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