Creature changes ~ Non-Elemental ~

Summary: Here is summary of Non-elemental creature changes on PSP version.

90. White Cubic

Race – Egg
Affiliation – Unknown


– White Cubic does not belong to any element.
– Sacrifice White Cubic to summon any creature in its place (facing any direction) without paying the Summonig Cost.  This summoned creature cannot attack this turn.  This does not end your turn.
Dodge Attempt
When this creature is destroyed, you will gain No mana.

(A) None (C) None (B) E/S/W

Comment: Again, many people appeared to have disagreed with me, but I feel this is appropriate change on cubics to further reduce First Player benefit.

187. Sword of Juno

Race – Sacred
Affiliation – Unknown

6 5/4/5/4

– does not belong to any element.
– can use Incarnation on any allied non-Biolith creature.
– Subtract 2 from te Attack of enemy creatures within the 2 fields in front of Sword of Juno.

(A) N1/N2 (C) N (B) S


Comment: Powerful attack but 6 was a bit too expensive.  Now 5…  Still expansive, but given its incarnation ability, he may be able to use as placeholder.

188. Hammer of Juno

Race – Sacred
Affiliation – Unknown

6/4 3/5/0

– does not belong to any element
– can use Incarnation on any allied non-Biolith creature.
– If Hammer of Juno attacks (but does not destroy) a creature, return that creature to its owner’s hand if its Summoning Cost is equal to or less than Hammer of Juno’s current HP.


Comment: Personally, I believe his ability of returning creature to hand is strong ability, but in the return of you spending 4 mana seemed too much.  3 Mana seems reasonable.  Still not cheap, but otherwise, this may be overpowered ability.

Overall, no drastic changes. Both Hammer of Juno and Sword of Juno in addition to the classic Fist of Juno may be target of new Dhee’s Command.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Sword of Juno is a little bite more attractive now, even if it was IMHO ok as it was before.


  2. Posted by Raine7 on February 16, 2010 at 7:55 am

    Cubics were so overpowered… You could use them to summon expensive creatures, or as baits, with nothing to worry about.

    At least now they need to be used with a bit of “brain”


  3. Nobody uses White Cubics, the others are far more used.


  4. Posted by Anonymous on February 16, 2010 at 10:13 am

    White Cubic is perfect for a multi element or Sacred based deck


  5. The white cubic and pretty much all dodge creatures like the alhuja priestess dissapeared after set 2 came.

    This makes an already useless card too terrible to even consider now. The Sword seems to have been made more useful, dont know about the hammer though.

    They should really have made dodge a viable strat again.


  6. Posted by IDIO on February 17, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    Hammer is my fav and I must say I belive I used it well, now its even better 😉


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