Biolith Creature Changes ~ Set.3 ~

Summary:  Here are Set.3 Biolith creatures that got change.

275. Architekt

Race – Mech
Affiliation – Biolith Castle


– All other allied creatures of the same element as the field Architekt is on gain +2 Protection.
– Any creature adjacent to Architekt cannot move or rotate.

(A) None N (C) None N (B) None

Comment: Given its 0 attack remains the same, the only time he will benefit by the change is when attacking blind spot.

279. Toxic Intruder

Race – Mech
Affiliation – Biolith Castle

4 3/3/4 3/2 1

– After Toxic Intruder attacks (but does not destroy) a creature, the target loses half of its HP (rounded down).

(A) N (C) N (B) S

Comment: Losing half of HP seems good ability against big creatures, but original cost of 4 to summon was bit too much.  Now with 3 summoning cost despite its loss of 1 attack power and health point, I believe is more chance to do what it suppose to.

280. Biolith Sentry

Race – Mech
Affiliation – Biolith Castle

4/4/4/2+ 1+

– While on a Biolith field, Bioilth Sentry’s Attack is equal to 2 plus the number of cards in your hand.

(A) N/E/S/W (C) N/E/S/W (B) None S

Comment: Mini battle master is getting tone down.

285. Kastor

Race – Ancient
Affiliation – Biolith Castle


– Instead of a rotate action, you may take a Pollux from your library, reveal it, and put it into your hand.  Then shuffle your library.
– If Pollux is on the board, instead of taking an attack action, you may place Kastor on top of Pollux.  This will create Dioskuri, a creature with two cards combined HP, Attack equal to 2 plus both player’s combined mana, and a Magic Attack that targets all enemy creatures.
– If you put Kastor on top of Pollux to create Dioskuri, the creature steals exit mana from enemies on Biolith fields.

(A) a. N1/N2 N1&N2 b. all enemy (C) N (B) S

Comment: Only Set.3 Biolith Ultrarare that is getting fix.  In fact, unlike many other Biolith creatures Kastor is actually getting better.  Though still Kastor, Pollux and Dioskuri are cards for fun decks rather than for competitive decks.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Eric on February 17, 2010 at 5:39 am

    The Architekt change is also good for decks with Clair Wil’s Banner.


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