Biolith Creature Changes ~ Set.1 ~

Summary: Here are last three biolith creature changes.

77. Morning Star Warrior

4/2/3 4/2+

– Morning Star Warrior adds 2 to its Attack if the target creature has 5 or more HPs.
– Morning Star Warrior gains Protection equal to the number of other allied Biolith creatures.

Comment: Overall, I would say it’s a tone down for this card.  As +1 protection is more valuable than the +1 health.

85. Tino, Son of Scion

4 3/3/4/1X

– Tino’s Magic Attack targets all enemies of the same element as the target.
– While Tino is on a Biolith field, his Attack is equal to 1 plus the number of other allied Biolith creatures.
–  Gain 1 mana each time you summon a creature.

Comment: This one I would say over 90% of long term player should agree that Tino is one of the least favorite Hero.  Will the change of summoning cost down to 3 from 4 make difference?  I would say it may.  You essentially have 3 mana creature that has ability to generate a mana.  If he survives one turn, you gain one back.  If he gets kill, you get one back.  So overall, most times you can summon him with net loss of 1 mana.  The biggest draw back is the fact, he is hero.  You can’t put Didi, Jirva or Arleli.  But if you need mana boost in your deck, Tino may now be your option especially with Jirva’s tone down.

89. Phaseus, Biolith God

9/6 9/12/4

Phaseus’s Magic Attack targets all enemies.
Destory Phaseus if he is on a non-Biolith field.

Comment: Yet another change that won’t give you easy access to attrition deck.  But personally, with attack power of 4 and health of 12, the reactivation of this creature should really be near impossible.  But remember, you still have option of Impunity spell.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anonymous on February 23, 2010 at 10:35 am


    Pitty they weakend the Morning Star. If there was no “other” keyword it would be just fine.


  2. Well, your opponent needs now four magic attack points instead of just three. In a biolith deck Mourning Star Warrior gains still enough protection


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