Sacred Law of Tinoa

Summary: A new card is revealed on Famitsu website.  This is what Sorcery should be!

Sacred Law of Tinoa



Type: Sorcery

Cost: 0

Rarity: Uncommon

Select an allied creature.  While the selected allied creature is on board, during your opponent’s resolution phase you may select and reveal a creature with the same element from your library and add the card to your hand.  Using this spell ends your turn.

Comment: It is uncommon, so there is no 1 per deck restriction.  This sounds like truly a Sorcery.  Ending your turn without summoning a creature in the game of EOJ is quite bit of cost you pay, but I believe this spell is worth it.  This is yet another card to support Unielemental deck.  Sure you don’t want to use this card on low health creature because next turn he gets killed and you lost a turn, but even with that you didn’t lose your mana.  I know nobody really skip their turn unless it’s the first turn, but this may be one card to make you skip a turn strategically to accumulate your mana yet you are not really wasting the turn.

If this card works, what amazing is that the text states no restriction of NON-Ultrarare.  So if you have 3 of this in your deck, you are pretty much guaranteed to grab a card you want including Ultrarare in  pretty much all games.  So it is possible to make a deck based on a single ultrarare.

So what’s the catch here?   Well only one catch.   This is apparently promotional card with limit of 10,000 people (at least in Japan for now).  The way you get this card is you go to Japanese Famitsu web site and obtain special product code and enter on PSN.

I’m sure this will eventually become widely available, but in the mean time you won’t probably get 3 copies of this.

In any case, I think this is BRILLIANT card.  It works well with Biolith, too.  As they typically have higher health point, they are more likely to stay on the field.  But problem is their cost are more expensive, so you need to have a way to boost your mana even more so than other decks.  This card allows such by skipping turn without spending mana, and allowing you to draw ideal biolith creature in your hand.

Any down side with this card?  That would be deck out issue.  I’m not sure if YOU MUST select a card or YOU CAN CHOOSE, but if the player must select a card each time the opponent resolution phase comes, then you will quickly lose your library.  So they would be the best target for Reset Deck.

Nonetheless, I really think this is spectacular concept and undoubtedly allow people to create more diverse decks.


3 responses to this post.

  1. When can you draw the card? At the end of your turn or in the drawing phase?


  2. Posted by houshasen on February 26, 2010 at 7:36 am

    Oops sorry Nightflyer

    It’s at end of opponent’s resolution phase


  3. Posted by Roy on March 16, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    Asia PSN is giving aways 3 promo cards which includes this card Tino Laws of Heaven


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