Wood Creature Changes ~Set.3~

Summary:  Here are changes on  Set.3 wood creatures


259. Goblin Fanfare

Race – Goblin
Affiliation – Green Bandits


– If there are no enemy creatures on the board, your opponent loses 2 mana when you summon Goblin Fanfare.
– While Goblin Fanfare is on the board, subtract 1 from the activation cost to rotate allied Green Bandit creatures.

(A) None N (C) None N (B) S

Comment: With the option of attack, it’s now like Monk of Okunada.  As his attack still remains 0, you must hit from blind spot to get actual damage.  In any event, most people use this card for different purpose anyways.

265. Goblin Chickenrider

Race – Goblin
Affiliation – Green Bandits

3/2 1 /3/1

– Each time Goblin Chickenrider rotates, he gains Invisibility until the end of the following player’s turn.
– While an allied Preature Noova is on the board, Goblin Chickenrider subtracts 1 from his Activation Cost to rotate.

(A) N/E/S/W (C) N/E/S/W (B) None

Comment: Along with its own change plus Goblin fanfare, purpose you may be able to carry some invisibility combo.

268. Elven Scout Mistress

Race – Elf
Affiliation – Til Vorg Monarchy

5 3 /2/4 3/2

Magic Attack.
– If Elven Scout Mistress attacks from a Water or Wood field, any damage she inflicts will reduce the target’s Summoning Cost instead of HPs (minimum 1).  If the target’s Summoning Cost was 1, it loses HPs as normal.
– While Elven Scout Mistress is on a Fire or Earth field, non-adjacent enemies cannot move or rotate.

(A) Any 1 (C) None (B) S

Comment: This was rather useless card in PS3 version as summoning cost of 5 was just too much for what she does.  I believe the original intention of designing this card was to use along with spell like Elven Dismissal.  But the fact was with Elven dismissal, you are paying more mana than your opponent to begin with.  Using card like Mistress had potential to change this; however, summoning cost of 5 to cast her was again just too much to ask for.  Now with summoning cost of 3, I’m still not sure,  but maybe some clever player can come up with good deck.  Mistress also works well with The Eye of Juno as well.  And I have no doubt someone will try making a deck around The Eye.

273. Wild Dendrovort

Race – Dragon
Affiliation – None


– Wild Dendrovot can only be summoned when 2 or more Wood creatures are on the board.
– Wild Dendrovort’s Attack is equal to 5 plus the number of Wood creatures in your graveyard.
– While Wild Dendrovort is on a no-Biolith field, all adjacent allied creatures get +2 HP.
– While Wild Dendrovort is on a no-Biolith field, each time any creature rotates, all enemy creatures adjacent to Wild Dendrovort take 1 2 magic damage.

(A) N1/N2 (C)N (B) S

Comment: Rotating is a bit limited trigger, but in any event along with the addition of the dragon rider, it looks like Dragon deck is getting some love.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anonymous on March 6, 2010 at 10:57 am

    Didn’t notice that change for Wild Dendrovort.

    Good spot.


  2. Posted by luke75 on March 7, 2010 at 5:10 am

    thanks for the translation houshasen !


  3. Posted by Anonymous on March 7, 2010 at 7:03 pm


    The text on the full version of EOJ Legends hasn’t changed for
    Wild Dendrovort.

    There is an error somewhere…


  4. Posted by houshasen on March 7, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    That’s interesting. Official site definitely has 2 instead of 1 on their card text. I’m start wondering if Sony released some incomplete patched version.

    Because to me it takes more effort to change the card text and screw up something there. So I believe whatever the card says (talking about official site) is what Sony planned to do.


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