Queen of Black Forest

Summary: It looks like all 342 cards are now revealed.  Here is the first of 5 cards included in the last (3rd expansion) pack.

Queen of Black Forest, Iana Reed


Race – Noble

Affiliation – Black Forest

– Magic Attack

– While on wood field, all enemy creatures on wood field subtract 1 from their attack.

– All other allied Black Forest creatures are treated as “morphed.”

– When Iana Reed’s health is less than 3, add 2 to her attack and gains Perfect Dodge.

(A) Any 1 (C) None (B) S

Comment: Anyone interested in making Elf deck, this may be an interesting card.  I would first summon Iana Reed on Earth Field to attack by 4 with Perfect Dodge.  Then casting couple of  Elven Berserker Witch would perhaps payoff 5 initial summoning cost of Iana Reed.  In fact, this card may even give a potential for Berserker Princess.…..  May be not.


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