Seer Vizak

Summary: Most of you may already know about this card, but this week was the first official reveal of this card on Japanese EOJ site, and the card is just amazing.  So I have decided to translate this.  Mainly for the purpose of discussion about this card.

Seer Vizak


Race – Sacred
Affiliation – Unknown

– Magic Attack target all opponent’s creatures.

– can use Incarnation on any allied non-Biolith creature.

– After an allied creature attacks, if there is another allied creature with the same race on the board who has not yet attacked and has one of the original targets in its Attack Zones, it will attack without paying the Activation Cost.

– When an allied creature is destroyed, you may sacrifice Vizak and summon a non-Biolith creature from Graveyard in the place of Vizak.  This does not end your turn.

(A) All enemy (C) None (B) None

Comment: Summoning cost of 9 is huge that the reason why there is incarnation ability.  Will this card be just another fun deck card?  Or will this be the end of the game card?  Two abilities that this card at least make us dream about is “turning race deck into Mandragora Triplets.”  Another is perhaps the only card that allows us to summon the same ultrarare more than once.  My initial intuition about this card is just another fun deck card, but who knows there may be a great player who can make a great deck off of him.


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  1. Works perfect with Spire of Juno if there’s an enemy Bilolith on the board or just with Loard Hu. Well, let’s say it works with every importiont high mana creature 😉


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