Elemental Monster Online Compared to Eye of Judgment

Summary:  As all of site visitors (if there is still any) are EOJ players, in this post I will try to briefly introduce “Elemental Monster Online Card Game” (EMO) by comparing to the EOJ.

Collectible Card Game

The only way I can compare EMO to EOJ is obviously EMO being the collectible card game just like EOJ.  The actual method of collecting card; however, differs from EOJ PS3 version and somewhat similar to the EOJ PSP.

This is digital only card game unlike EOJ PS3.  In this regard, I still give overall winner as EOJ as I truly loved the fact I was able to collect physical card and actually play the game online.

In EMO, you can collect cards by beating CPU or online match.  CPU match is free of charge once you purchased the game.  Whereas, online match that gives you booster pack requires tickets, which you have to pay to buy.

Alternatively, for those who do not want to play against CPU over and over, you can purchase booster packs online.  It sounds like there are certain cards that you can only get through online match or buying booster; though, truth to this statement is still unclear.

Trading Card Game

As of now, EMO is actually not trading card game.  There is no way for you to trade your digital card with other players.  The designer has tweeter and recently stated a possibility of trading your duplicates with booster pack i.e. 3 commons for 1 booster pack (containing only 1 card), 1 legend for 3 booster packs.

Game Modes

When compared to EOJ PS3, EMO wins in this regard.

There are total of 4 game modes in this game.  One single and three online match.

Campaign Mode – Supposedly you can play like 10 hours or so to beat the campaign.  Good introduction to game and AI is descent but don’t expect much story nor graphics.  Very similar to EOJ PSP but less text and more opponents.  Mainly, this is a way to build up your collection for free.  You can play against same opponent and keep getting booster packs.

Ranked Match – This one actually requires ticket, which you need to purchase through PSN store.  Currently, you can buy a ticket between 20-25 cents depending on whether to buy in bulk or not.  By spending 1 ticket, you can do 1 match against another online player.  Independent of winning or losing, you get 1 booster pack afterward.  By spending 2 tickets, you can do best of 3 match.  If you win, you get 3 boosters and if you lose you get 2 boosters.

Friend Match – Free to play, but you don’t get booster pack afterward.

Tournament – Free to participate.  If you make to certain rank, you can win prizes.  Unlike EOJ tournament, they did smart thing here.  They set the total # of games that you can play in the given tournament and the score is based on those games i.e. it’s no longer just for people who can keep playing all day.


In this regards, EMO wins hands down.  The actual game only costs $1 to purchase.  If you really want you can keep playing against computer to build up your collection.  Alternatively, you can pay $5 to get 24 packs booster.  Also if you want to play rank match, you can buy tickets and play.  Hudson says Ranking match is essentially like playing arcade.

Overall, much much cheaper than EOJ.


No fancy EOJ 3D animation here.  However, how many of us actually watched those except on the day 1 of play?  For the actual card design, EMO wins hands down.  They are collaborating with many different card game designers.

If you want to see the actual cards art, check the official site http://elemon.jp/ps3/jp/card/index.html

Game Mechanics

Completely different rule overall but when compared to Magic The Gathering, both uses simplified approach yet places enough tactical details.

EMO’s deck consists of only 6 cards maximum.  Wait don’t stop reading!!  I know what you think.  6 cards deck sounds like not a card game.  There cannot be tactics as there are so few cards in a deck.  I felt exactly the same way.  But remember that EOJ had 30 cards deck but essentially you never had more than 5 of your own creatures on board and you always had duplicates in your deck.  So it’s only 6 cards but each cards have multiple ability like EOJ.  So trust me there is much more tactics involved in this game than you think.  Let’s briefly compare to EOJ and see how EMO implemented similar mechanics in different way.


Destroy all opponents creatures


No spell card; however, many creatures have special ability and these can be excecuted like spell by using mana.


Yes. There is mana in this game as well.  Initial starting mana depends on how you made your deck.  You have 20 mana to build your deck.  So if you only use 18 mana to build your deck, you get to start out with 2 mana; whereas, if you use all 20 mana you have 0 mana at the beginning.  Additional mana can be acquired if your creature dies (depends on creature), creatures ability, or creatures that you didn’t use during the previous turn i.e. if you didn’t use 2 creatures during the previous turn you get 2 mana.

Permanent Ability

Yes.  There is permanent ability as well e.g. while the creature is in field, summoned creature gains +5 attack etc.

Field Bonus

Yes. Quite different implementation but there are total of 5 elements in EMO.  You can set a formation (there are 5) and set a jewel (corresponding to each element).  The creatures with the same color as a set Jewel gains field bonus depending on the formation you have selected.  E.g. Attack formation with Water Jewel results in all water creatures gain +3 attack.

Element Relation

In EOJ, there is relation between earth-wood, fire-water etc.  But these mainly affected through the field bonus or penalty.  However, in EMO these relationship actually affects the creatures attack and defense.    For instance, in EMO Fire has advantage over Wood.   So if fire creature attacks the wood creature, the damage doubles.  But if wood creature damages fire creature, the damage halves.  This is very important concept.  Perhaps the reason why called elemental monster.

Reverse Ability

When compared to EOJ, this is unique concept.  In EMO, you can set a reverse creature to back of your front creature.  Any combination is allowed.  When game starts, opponent only sees front cards and don’t even know if there is reverse card behind the front card.  If the front card gets destroyed, reverse card opens.  If the card has reverse ability, it is when this executes.


It can be divide into two main phases.

Summoning Phase: You can summon a creature during this phase.  You can only summon a creature at a time, but can swap currently summoned creature with another during your tactical phase.  So essentially this phase executes only your first turn and turn after you summoned creature gets destroyed.

Tactical Phase: This is all the action is.  You can decide to use special ability (like spell) and decide to attack with summoned creature (frequently must decide which attack you use).


New concept in EMO when compared to EOJ.  Each creature has Agility value.  This determines who attacks first.  The game does not have counter attack concept.  Each player do own tactical phase and when both are ready action takes place.  The higher agility special ability or attack takes place first.


So far I really enjoy this game.  I have briefly compared EOJ and EMO, but EMO has more depth than I have already discussed.  So I really believe, EMO has potential to be as good as EOJ or perhaps someday better.  Price point is great and easy for anyone to start.  In the end, it depends on how much continued support EMO receives.   Hudson is already planning for some expansion next month.  And there are about 125 cards at this point.    So let’s hope Hudson keeps this game going with constant support.  I recommend this game to anyone who loved EOJ for now.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Skah T on December 25, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    Interesting! Thanks for the information. I hope the game comes to other parts of the world.


  2. Posted by houshasen on December 25, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    Skah T

    It will. At least the official hudson tweeter stated so.


  3. Thanks, very interesting sounding game. Hoping it comes out in UK someday, might be worth a look.


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