Elemental Monster 101 ~Card~

Summary: Yet to be announced for the actual date of the game release outside of Japan, but surely the game will be here or there.  For those of you who can’t wait for the game to be released, I will give you some head start oppotunity by explaining how the game works.  So you can start thinking about your decks.  In the first of the series, the most basic of the game i.e. card attributes will be discussed.

The most easiest way is to actually show a card.  So here is a card named “White Knight”  Let’s look at his attributes

Name: White Knight

Card # 26

Pack: The Legend Begins

Element: Light

Race: Demon

Rarity: Uncommon

Mana: 4

HP: 52

Agility: 36

Attack 1: (Light)  Lighting Sword 21; Critical Hit at 10% of times

Attack 2: (Light) Holly attack (1) 9; 9 Splash damage to all awaiting enemy creature

SP Skill: (5) 10 Splash damage to enemy summoned creature

Reverse: (5) 15 Splash damage to enemy summoned creature

Ability: None

Many of above are self explanatory, but let’s look at one attribute at a time.

Name, Card #

Not much to say here.  Simply the name of the card and the card number.


Simply think as EOJ Set.  Each set consists of approximately 30 cards or so.  There are total of 6 known packs out there at this moment.  3 of which can be obtained through the campaign mode.   Though 1 of those is very hard to get through the campaign.   One can only obtained via playing online multiplayer, which costs ticket i.e. real money.   Two of which can only be obtained by winning tournament i.e. tournament price.  I am sure these will change in the future i.e. all packs will be purchasable as booster box at least.


There are five elements in Elemental Monster.  Fire, Water, Wood, Light and Dark.  There is also non-elemental i.e. sort of six element.


Just like in EOJ, there will be (not yet though) race combination or anti-race deck can be made with future expansions.


5 levels of rarity are there.  Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legend.  Think as Legend = Ultrarare in EOJ and should make sense.  Supposedly there is also rarity called super rare.  I am not sure if it is applying to promo card only.


In elemental monster, there is no cost to summon a creature unlike EOJ.  However, mana cost total must be under 20 to make a deck.   Also when this creature is destroyed, this is how much mana you get back.


Health point. When this becomes 0, your creature dies.


The higher the agility, the higher the priority is for the creatures attack, SP skill, reverse effect etc.  For example, when you and your opponent both decide to attack with a creature, the higher agility creature attacks first.   So if the damage is big enough, your creature may not even get any single damage.   This also applies to SP skill.  When multiple SP skills are chosen at once, the highest agility possessing creature’s SP skill goes first.


Each creature can have up to 2 types of attacks.  One may have only one attack.

Each attack has following attributes: Element/Attack name/Damage Point/Mana/Special ability

For instance, White knight first attack called light sword has light element, can deal 21 to attacked creature with 10% chance of the attack being critical i.e. 1 in 10 chance, there will be 1.5 x times more damage i.e. 31 instead of 21.   This specific attack does not cost any mana.  Note that element of the attack is very important in this game.  This will be discussed in some other time.

SP Skill

Think this as a spell.  You can only use SP skill while the creature is on board but not summoned i.e. called awaiting state.  In this particular case, you can spend 5 mana and deal 10 damage to enemy’s currently summoned creature.  All SP skill resolves before summoned creature attacking.  So easiest example is you got your creature who has less agility than the your opponent’s creature.  But opponent’s creature only has 10 HP left.  If your opponent’s creature attacks your creature first, you creature may die.  But by using White Knight SP skill, you can kill your opponent’s creature before he attacks your creature.


Somewhat like SP skill, but this only executes when the creature set in front of this creature dies i.e. when this creature flips/reverses and come out to the board.  So if you decide to you White knight in your deck and make this card as front card, the reverse skill will never be utilized.  On the other hand, if you put white knight behind green slime and the green slime gets destroyed, if you have enough mana, which in this case 5, the opponent’s creature just killed green slime gets automatic 15 damage as white knight flips out.


This is just like EOJ creature ability.  As long as the creature is on board, the effect takes place.  It does not matter whether the creature is summoned or awaiting state.  The couple example abilities are “all allied creatures gain +5 attack” or “all allied creatures gain +3 agility”


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