Elemental Monster 101 ~Element~

Summary: As the name of the game uses “element”, it is indeed one of the most important concept in this game.  So in this second of the series, I will discuss about what role the element plays in Elemental Monster Online Card Game.

Five plus 1 elements

There are total of 5 elements plus one non-element in this game.  The five elements are as follow:






Elemental Relationship

One of the most important aspect of element in this game is indeed the relationship among the each element.   Somewhat similar to EOJ, but different is that element relationship plays such a strong role in this game to the point that advantaged element common creature can defeat elementally disadvantaged legend creature.  This elemental advantage makes metagame in this game interesting.  Here are the relations.

The relationship is as simple as followings
– Fire burns (defeats) wood
– Wood grows (defeats) with water
– Water extinguishes (defeats) fire
Dark and Light have advantage and disadvantage to each other

What does it mean to have elemental advantage or disadvantage?

– Each creature has one of five elements, some may actually have more than one element.

– Each attack has one of five or non-element type.

– Damage doubles with advantage element attack

– Damage halves with disadvantage element attack

Here are examples,

If water element attack damages a fire creature, damage doubles i.e. instead of 14 it becomes 28 damage

Alternatively if water element attack damages a wood creature, damage halves i.e. instead of 14 it becomes only 7 damage

Between the light and dark the relationship is equal i.e. dark attack doubles damage to light creature, but light attack also doubles damage to dark creature.

Generally, speaking light elemental creatures have first attack advantage as they have higher agility in general so to compensate this advantage, dark element creatures are protected against non-elemental attack i.e. all non-elemental attack to the dark creatures are halved.

Field Bonus

Just like EOJ, there are concept of field in this game.  In later article, I will discuss about this a bit more in detail but there are field bonus to creatures with the same element as the field.  For instance, fire creatures gain field bonus with fire field.  There is no opposite field disadvantage though i.e. fire field creatures will lose normal stats because it is on water field.  It just will not gain water field advantage.

Elemental Combo

Needless to say, there are cards that specifically works based on the element.  Examples are all allied wood creatures gain 10 HP, if opponent’s summoned creature is light element, it is destroyed and so on.


Elemental relationship are very important concept in this game and in fact I believe more than Eye of Judgment.  Even a wimpy slime can kill a giant dragon if the element relationship is right.  This makes the metagame very interesting and perhaps hard to make a single deck that defeats all.  Variation in decks make the game always fun so I believe these are welcome concept.  Though one disadvantage is as in EOJ, unielemental deck in this game almost impossible or simply fun deck but no way to be competitive.  Hopefully, this will change with future expansions.





7 responses to this post.

  1. Man, it’s nice to still see you up and running dude.

    I was going through this game data and it looks intriguing. I’m contemplating bringing LBShooters back up again for it, could you tell me if this game has any future to it ? i don’t want another EOJ disaster repeat. I still havent completely recovered from losing that game from my life.


  2. Posted by houshasen on April 28, 2011 at 3:29 am

    Its from hudson and so far they are putting in effort. Constant updates. It looks like theynhave relesed sixth set 3/31. Only 30 cards per set but definitely keep people more excited. Also the designer has tweeter and he keeps posting almost daily about news. Twice a week online tournament with prizes of card or tickets for just participating. So many things that eoj people should have done. Overall, game wise I just liked eoj better but as long as fan base is there, I think this game has better future or for sure hudson is putting much more effort on this than scej did on eoj.


  3. lol now if only psn was up and this saw an international release


  4. Posted by Houshasen on May 29, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    International Release was planned in mid April. But because of the earth quake, they had to change certain wording of the card which delayed initially. And now with PSN network chaos, they cannot debug anything until the PSN network is up. These are information from developer’s Twitter. So it should be soon…


  5. Posted by Jeff on June 14, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    Interesting My focus has somewhat shifted from PSN tcgs to Bushiroad Games, CardFight Vanguard and Wiess Schwarz I will check this out if we ever get it in the states. IDIO out


  6. And it hit the states and I have not put it down yet over 50 hours in one week this game is great!!! IDIO out


  7. Posted by Cameron on October 1, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    Just hit NZ this week and looking forward to playing it soon! Great great price for the title (you can’t even buy DLC for that price now) and definitely brings back memories of EoJ. Huge shame that went that way, but hope to see more on your blog about this new game soon. 🙂


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