Shadow Era

Summary: Eye Love Judgment is BACK!! Well not really… Eye of Judgment game is no longer in production and the server had shut down.  It was the first collectible card game I have played, and fell in love with.  Subsequent to its termination, I had seeked several other CCG/TCG.  None of them were enough for me to remember the days with EOJ.  But that had ended.  The new TCG/CCG I fell in love is called “Shadow Era.”

How much does the game cost?

FREE – You can essentially keep playing through the built in campaign mode and keep acquring in game currency, which allows to you buy more digital card.  This option; however, is not realistic for anyone who likes to complete the set.  Alternatively, you can do free online survey to acquire in game currency.  With this approach, technically you can get most of card you want eventually but becomes cumbersome.

CHEAP – You can of course buy credits using paypal.  Currently, if you were to spend around $40 or so you can complete playset of all the available ~150 cards.  With the current pricing, I am pretty sure once the current set (Set.1) is fully available (total 200 cards), you can still complete the set with < $80.

Digital or Physical?

Mainly digital.  The physical version of cards are now in print and expected to arrive in March.  But these are separate cost.  However, in my personal opinion their price scheme is IDEAL model when compared to any other digital/physical card game combination TCG/CCG.  I will try to touch on this later someday (maybe)


This may at first be one major downside for old EOJ fans as this game is not available on PS3.  However, it is available on Android phone/table, IPAD, Iphone, pretty much all browsers i.e. Windows, Mac and probably Linux.  The games are cross platform.

You can play either online or offline.

Why Shadow Era Now?

The game has been out for technically about an year, but it is finally about to finish its first Set.  I consider this as first year being beta/alpha version and now its on official release.  Expansions are already planned.  Supposedly 2 or so per year.  Combination of pricing and frequency of expansions are just ideal.

Most importantly for EOJ fans.  The developers for this game are much more responsible and dedicated to this game.

More information?

Go to official site: Shadow Era



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by AnAdolt on February 27, 2012 at 10:59 pm

    But are they responsible and dedicated enough to check out one of their fan’s blog? Questionable.

    While not the norm, some players have a complete set, or close to it but have not spent a dime. In part due to doing offers both on their mobile device and computer; as well as having played a few months. So to them it’s realistic. ^_^

    Physical card packs, both starters and boosters, will come with codes for free Shadow Crystals. So not only will they be super affordable, they’ll contribute to your digital game as well! Unless no shops around your area carries the cards.


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