Wishmor ~ Multiplayer or multi-heros? ~

Summary: As you have figured out at this point, English is not my native language yet I have just created a new English term “Wishmor.”  It means Wish and Rumor combined.  People make rumor because they want something.  As I have now completed all the previews of new cards to be added by version 1.5, I am now writing this new series.


Let’s look at this card carefully.  Yes. I love the art but that’s not where we should be paying attention to.  Its ability states “opposing heroes“..

In the current model of the game, you will never have more than one opposing hero.  So this phrase simply confirms that the Wulven is intending to have multiple opposing heroes in the future.

In fact, they have already confirmed on their official forum that they have plan to make multiplayer game format.  Now this is the confirmed rumor part. The chance of this would be implemented in actual game of Shadow Era [95%].


I am now diving into my wish part of the article based on this phrase.  What if we have hero(es) that a single player use?  For example, you have two heroes with each having about the half the health of regular heroes like health point of 12 each.  You lose the game when both are killed but there are benefits and risks of using this hero.  Benefit would be you have two abilities and perhaps two shadow energy charges.  Downside is that you can potentially get double damages at once.  For instance, Arcane Burst can damage both of your heroes. The chance of this would be implemented in actual game of Shadow Era [30%].


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