First Unofficial Shadow Era Japan Cup Result

Summary: Shadow Era has not been localized to Japanese market yet.  The population of the Japanese Shadow Era players are extremely small.  However, there are still fans.  Apparently, there was an unofficial Japanese Shadow Era Championship end of February. Why am I writing about this?  Well they have posted top 3 decks with full content.

Top Deck

HERO : Gravebone 
・Ally 19
Dark Flayer 3
Carniboar 2
Infernal Gargoyle 3
Bad Wolf 2
Death Mage Thaddeus 2
Plasma Behemoth 2
Belladonna 3
Shadow Knight 2
・Ability 18
Fireball 4
Lightning Strike 2
Research 3
Portal 3
Supernova 3
Shriek of Vengeance 3
・Armor 2
Snow Sapphire 2
・Weapon 1
Dagger of Unmaking 1

#2 Ties:

HERO : Logan Stonebreaker
・Ally 16
Infernal Gargoyle 4
Plasma Behemoth 4
Dark Flayer 4
Death Mage Thaddeus 4
・Ability 17
Dual Wield 2
Smashing Blow 4
Enrage 2
Crippling Brow 4
Blood Frenzy 4
・Weapon 6
Berserker’s Edge 2
Jeweler’s Dream 4

HERO : Elementalis
・Ally 30
Infernal Gargoyle 4
Brutalis 2
Plasma Behemoth 4
Chimera 3
Belladonna 2
Medusil 2
Dark Flayer 3
Death Mage Thaddeus 3
Carniboar 3
Shadow Knight 4
・Ability 7
Soul Reaper 1
Mind Control 3
Life Infusion 1
Shrink of Vengeance 2
・Weapon 2
Dimension Ripper 2

The number of participants were rather small with only 12.  There was no prize and again the game is not localized to Japanese.  So many hurdles.  But in any event, how do you guys think the above decks would actually play?  With the upcoming release of physical card packs, which supposedly comes with code to redeem shadow crystals, I believe users can now host their own tournament and readily give out the prizes. So may be second unofficial Japanese Shadow Era Championship may have greater attendance.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Paydak on March 6, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    Any idea how many people entered this?


  2. Posted by houshasen on March 6, 2012 at 9:07 pm



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